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Från Stockholm / Stockholms län / Sweden
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2008-08-12 09:42

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Now this chemical analogy
Is our emotional reality
These political, traditional and ethical stimulants
And social adequate
Won’t let us be too upset

With the way things really are
You taught to camouflage regret
And a religious structure
Tells us God wants us to suffer
To support a situation we all know is obligation
And if you shun a complication
They'll just gun your reputation
Like mob intimidation to enforce participation
See they need to keep us fiends
To their lies and broken schemes
And if you find another means
You’re told you’re being to extreme
And if you wanted to get clean
They’ll just pull those social strings

Holding up their social laws
Deifying noble things
Now were all stuck in tradition
Unable to state out position
To afraid to contradict
The expectations of the system

Oh and the harsh reality
Is they've made grace for you and me
Instead of saving you and me
They’re just enslaving you and me

These social drugs
Messing with my mind
These social drugs
Telling me I’m fine

These social drugs
Messing with my head
These social drugs
Wanting me dead

emancipate yourself from mental slavery
none but ourselves can free our minds

i'm ready to stomp on the devil!