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2015-03-02 21:34

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They call me Drama

"People that do graffiti don't realize the consequences and they let their egos run wild. And they wanna go kill citys, and write on everything, and write on peoples shit, and kill trains: "ah we kill trains!". That's all good. It's nice to do a nice piece! But when you go and destroy peoples property, you know, there are consequences, and all this tuff-guy-attitude: "Aah I'm crazy!! I fucking bomb! I'm a fucking crazy person!" That's just a bunch of bullshit! We are all the same! No one's crazy! We are all fucking crazy!

People should start thinking why they're doing it, why are you doing graffiti. You know? What da fuck are you doing with yourself? Where is it gonna get you in your life? Are you gonna be able to eat? You know what I'm saying? Are you just gonna be a hardcore kid, and go skeeing on do graffiti: "I'M FUCKING CRAZY!!" You know?

You can't live that way. That stress will kill you. Where I come from, if you do graffiti, lets say on a average line of bombing. You're gonna hide from the helicopter, every single time you paint. At least once. And that's just a level of stress, a level of fucking difficulty.

LA Graffiti is all about level of difficulty. Like: Why are you hanging off this bridge for your life to do a stupid piece? You know, one piece. One piece in your life, somewhere, somewhere in time. What da fuck does that mean? Why are you gonna risk your life to go and do that shit? Why are you gonna, fucking, hang of that shit? Fall: you're dead type of shit. I mean, there's reasons why! There's reasons why all this shit is going on! And it's times that people turn away from their horrable attitudes and how hardcore they are, and start realising why they're doing this? Why the fuck they're hardcore! You know? We're star of our egos! We are all a bunch of ego maniacs!" -Saber

Vila i frid kusin.

MadHobo 4 life!