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Från Värmlands län / Sweden
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2013-12-30 22:21

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I lay back and drink alcohol excessively.

It’s the contemporary form of slavery, they call it slave labour
But they don’t prosecute them cuz it’s how they make paper
When you rocking that fly shit that’s made in China
By an eight year old child tryna feed his mama
He exposed to contamination and disease
And only fifty-five percent of them will get degrees
And the women have to try to placate the boss
Because it’s sex discrimination in the labour force
The slave master only let them speak in sign language
And they’re suffering from lung disease and eye damage
fourteen hour shifts, seven days a week
two shitty meals a day, very little sleep
Human life only worth three cents an hour
All human right laws loose sense of power
What did four hundred years in the grave passes?
Only the improved cleverness of slave masters.