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2014-06-08 15:57

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Music is life - Life is music.

Niprone You and I
I remember the first date the world stayed I was lookin' at you' body and your beautiful face you're beautiful waist you made me amazed and a saint has escaped to a face masquerade you danced like a queen and I was already glad, cause I had you in my dreams but a statue is a livin' fiend and lack of instability so think twice before your eyes sees a beauty queen she wasn't used to be the one she wasn't used to be my hun but we stick together like leafs and blunts she wasn't Kirsten Dunst, but she was damn close but she was drinkin' drunk, and left me damn broke I ran home, with baggy pants and sandlas thinkin' 'bout a way to get additions to my bankrol what a stank hoe but she's a fan though so I can't go "oh no! I'm damn broke..

|\_o - Sprid Kärlek!
)) \