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Från Angered / Västra Götalands län / Sweden
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2008-01-19 16:32

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R2B© Yo: loopTroop

Some Songs // Ingen speciell ordning
1. LoopTroop - Heavy Rains
2. LoopTroop - Night Train
3. Canibus - 100 Bars
4. Canibus - 2 Round Knock out
5. Promoe - Positive & Negative
6. LoopTroop - The Long arm of the law
7. Sage Francis - Sea lion
8. Sage Francis - The Buzz Kill
9. Sage Francis - Narcissist
10. LoopTroop - A modern day city symphony
11. Immortal Technique - The point of no return
12. Immortal Technique - no mercy
13. Promoe - Thx 1138
15. Timbuktu - det löser sig (Supreme & Chords)

I clench my palm and fistfuck the system hard
Now you're scared, got security guards
That's what you get for keeping the people hungry
Don't you know that's bound to bounce back on you ass like bungy



Don't matter, if I said I cared I would lie.
This ain´t the time for bad theories about why.
So don't try to figure it out,
you can't cus if I could I wouldn't be where I'm now.
Just live your life and take it easy my friend.
The future is ahead to come and we'll meet again…



Don´t let em kill kids, drop charges on real pigs,
drop bombs and act like it´s a freedom fight - they guilty!
They filthy, and you talk bout who´s the realest emcee?
who´ll give a fuck when there´s no freedom of speech.