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2008-07-23 01:55

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Yes the roumer is true people.
What u've heard from your girlfriend & her friends is true.
He's back, more goodlookin', more nasty, more sexi, more brutal, everything u can imagain about this dude.
Chroome's back with a bangin' album which will be released officialy this summer.
With features on it like:
Alibi, Pato Pooh, Flame, Fj, Elin Pee, Jam.
On the production side of the features we got people like:
Chroome, Joel Jungell, Oobee

U've never heard shit like this so brutal.
6 new records from the album "Orgasm" are up on he's space & rollin'.
New (Nasty/sexy) pictures are up as well + the album cover.
New fresh update on the layout.

Make sure to not miss the most daring album of the year.

A Video is on the way too
Coming in July.


Do not miss this !

/ X