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Från København / Københavns Kommune / Denmark
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2013-04-03 13:10

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thanks to you, who meliorate my brain,
make me less insane, and kill all my pain
i feel you in my vains, you're making me sane
i'm higher than a plane and you me got me like chains
you're nothing that i feign, but sometimes i gotta strain
to retain and remain, right here on this lane
you might make me sound inane, but i don't refrain
no i still maintain, and will always obtain
cause you disperse my disdain, lift me up like a crane
i'll never be on the wane cause you have me entertained
i really just wanna explain, that i'll forever pertain
with you and your grains, my main dearest jane
.....ain't no love like ours

let's fill our lungs with freedom
breath it in in every breath
free our minds and let us be young
love like we're the only ones left
live every day like it's the last
live without any regrets
never glance back at the past
don't get caught in any nets
do whatever, whenever we wanted
always seize the moment
never let yourself get daunted
reach out to your opponent
freedom is our kingdom
let us live our lives that way
get rid of all your venom
forever is here to stay