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Från Los Angeles / California / United States of America
Clint Zneakwood
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2014-11-07 21:49

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Let’s smoke a bundle of embalming fluid
Stick an armoured car up, I’ma climb into it
All I need is an eightball and nine to do it
I’ll put the fucking driver in the trauma unit or
I know some wannabes sloppy with keys
With coke and cash in the crib, probably trees
We’ll get em drunk, passed out and copy his keys
Open his door, rope up his whore and then breeze
I know the time for a robbery
Is very long but it really doesn’t bother me
I need to get rich, bitch cause I’m drug sick
I got a mask, gloves, gun, and a thug clique
Fuck a pig, cop, faggot or a mob flick
We get away clean, we’ll never be seen
And this is the American dream
So we fight for it, kill for it, whatever it means