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Från California / United States of America
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2010-06-18 05:29

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The half Latino, half European rapper Mr. Loco was born in Novato, Ca 1981 and lived in different parts of the Bay area with his mother until she passed away in 1991. He then moved to his father in Sweden hoping to grow up in a more secure environment. Mr. Loco got caught up in crime as a teenager and ended up getting sent to, 2 different juvenile correction centers where he spent a year in total.
In the end of 2003 Mr. Loco started taking his music more serious and had hope on a way out of the life where his friends had either ended up in heavy drug abuses, in jail or dead.

In 2004 big things started happening for Mr. Loco in the Underground. He started collaborating with underground artists in the US and he recorded a track together with internationally known artist, and good friend to Mr. Loco; Cee-Rock "The Fury" and Fury helped Mr. Loco to open up new doors in the rap game.

Later on Mr. Loco found an add on a forum about a compilation that Mike Mosley was planning on to put together and Mr. Loco sent his website link to the contact link on Mike Mosley’s website. A little while later DJ Pimp got back at Loco telling him “of course we have a place for you on the compilation”. Mr. Loco and DJ Pimp stayed in touch ever since and DJ Pimp has helped Mr. Loco to get a buzz in the rap game bigger then what Mr. Loco expected back in the day.

In 2005 Mr. Loco started a new movement called Wize Guyz Global to be a new chapter for his global hustle and the next step for international hip hop.

In the summer of 2006 Candyman 187 made Mr. Loco an official member of Tha Havenotz, a movement originated by the late Tupac Shakur, Kadafi and Candyman 187. Mr. Loco and Candyman 187 had been speaking to each other for about a year and fortunately Candyman 187 saw the heart, ambition and love Mr. Loco had for hip hop, so he decided to put Mr. Loco on the team. Later on in the fall of 2006 Mr. Loco went on a networking trip with Wize Guyz Global member, MC Ron to New York, Philladelphia, New Jersey, LA and to the Bay Area where they linked up with different artists and producers from coast to coast!! Around the same time as the networking trip Mr. Loco was featured on 2 different big projects, the compilation "West Turf Presents: Nation Wide Networkin" that features Yukmouth, The Game, San Quinn, JT The Bigga Figga, The Federation, Outlawz and many more, the second CD was a mixtape called "W.G.G. & Lil Prophet Presents: 2pac - World Wide Mob Figga Mixtape", wich featured the remix of a track that he had done with Assassin called "True 2 tha game" and also the exclusive remix of "Thug Figga" featuring Thug Style and Wize Guyz Global and that was also when Mr. Loco really let it be known that he was representing for Tha Havenotz as well.

In 2007 Mr. Loco moved back to his roots in the Bay Area and has finished up his welcome home mixtape "Global Hustlin' Vol. 2 Back In The Bay", the CD was released for free on the internet and has got a lot of good exposure with features by San Quinn, Assassin, D-Buck, Savior, Clinton Wayne & more and also the track "You ain't ready" produced by Mike Mosley exclusive for this CD and then the single "Yay Area Livin featuring LAiV3 & J Frikshun" went all the way up to No. 1 on the hip hop charts at www.soundclick.com and beat Soulja Boy's track "Crank Dat Soulja Boy" even though "Yay Area Livin" had no video or real radio rotation.
Now Mr. Loco is currently working on new projects and has just released a new mix tape with Elasticbitch Ent. & Wize Guyz Global called "Tha Supa Hubb Introduction" wich introduces the Bay Area rap group Supa Hubb wich consists of Mr. Loco, LAiV3, J Frikshun, Cali Clay Red and Mystchief. He is all ways looking for new collabo's and if there's any label out there who is willing to put out Mr. Loco's future projects, feel free to get at him because he is currently a free agent, but do it quickly because he does have a few offers that are being viewed right now!!

Thug Syle Presents: We Live 4 This vol. 1 Mix Tape

Thug Style Presents: We Live 4 This vol. 2 Mix Tape
Thug Style Presents: World Wide Connected vol. 1 Mix Tape
Mr. Loco Presents: Global Hustlin' vol. 1 Mix Tape
Thug Style Presents: World Wide Connected vol. 2 Mix Tape
Underground Gangsta Presents: I'm just that talented vol. 2 Mix Tape

Thug Style Presents: We Live 4 This vol. 3 Mix Tape
Mr. Loco Presents: Tha Pandemic (digital debut solo album)
Semi-Auto Presents: Put The Money In The Bag Mix Tape
Thug Style Presents: All or Nothin Mix Tape (Limited Street Edition)
West Turf The Bay Area Compilation Kings Presents: Nation Wide Networkin'
Lil Prophet Presents: 2pac "World Wide Mob Figga" Mix Tape

Mr. Loco Presents: Slaps From The Past vol. 1 Mix Tape
Wize Guyz Global Presents: Say Hi 2 Tha Wize Guyz vol. 1 Mix Tape
DJ Killafornia Presents: The Best From The West Mix Tape
Mr. Loco Presents: Thug Style - Til The End "R.U.W.W." Mix tape / street album Wize Guyz Global Presents: Say Hi 2 Tha Wize Guyz Vol. 2 Mix Tape
Mr. Loco Presents: Global Hustlin' vol. 2 Back In The Bay Mix Tape
Mr. Loco Presents: Slaps From The Past vol. 2
Underground Gangsta Presents: I'm just that talented vol. 3 mix tape

DJ Killafornia Presents: West Coast Crime Bosses Mix Tape
Boogie The Mann Presents: The Chocolate River Mixtape Vol.2
Elasticbitch Ent. & Wize Guyz Global Presents: Tha Supa Hubb Introduction
Wize Guyz Global Presents: DJ Ying & Mr. Loco: Down 4 Life (Tha Thug Style Dayz)" mixtape
Mr. Loco Presents: Tha West Project Mix Tape Vol. 1

Ferenheight Entertainment Presents: Global Warming (Major release through City Hall Records)
Tha Havenotz Presents: Tha Rebirth / Let No Man Seperate What We Create Mix Tape vol. 1
Mr. Loco Presents: Tha West Project Mix Tape Vol. 2