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2010-07-09 07:59

Tony Sunshine

Platinum selling R&B crooner Tony Sunshine has announced a new deal which will result in the release of an album, titled Tony Sunshine.

Tony Sunshine’s production company 4 Eva Respected Inc., is currently negotiation a distribution deal with Nevada-based label, Vibe Records.

The singer has teamed with Darrin Dean, founder of the Ruff Ryders record label to manage 4 Eva Inc.

Early reports state that Tony Sunshine has lined up production from T-Pain and Swizz Beatz, who each contributed tracks to the long-over debut from the singer.

Tony Sunshine earned a name for himself as the crooning member of Fat Joe’s Terror Squad. He has sang on tracks with Big Pun, P. Diddy, R. Kelly, Ginuwine, Fabolous, CNN and others.

The album is currently being mixed by Vibe Records’ President and CEO, Timothy “T.K.” Olphie and Terrance Pender.

No release date was available for Tony Sunshine’s debut album