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Från Lund / Skåne län / Sweden
Robin Skynner
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2014-02-10 23:12

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"Most people don't see the world as it is, they see it as they are"Anna and the king

"You can make the future but it starts with leaving the past"Technique

"Sometimes the person u're with isn't your one and only, and u only fuck with them cause u r scared of being lonely"Technique

"Even though we survived true the struggle that made us, we still look at ourselves true the eyes of people that hate us"Technique

"When music hits you feel no pain"B Marley

"Poetry is the shadow cast by our street-light imagination"L Ferlinghetti

"At times I have so many rhymes I don't think I'm 2 sane, life is paralell 2 hell but I must maintain"Nas

"I existed in the womb just like in a bitch, come from behind the sun my hands balled in a fist"Nas assonanser om fosterstadiet

"Det är önskan om att inte stå bredvid som driver folk till nästan vad som helst, snart behöver dom manus för att vara sig själv"Timbuk

"We write songs about wrongs cause its hard 2 see right"Common

"Pride can make u do things u wont be proud of!"

"Money tells u the price of everything and value of nothing"

"Sometimes 2 find yourself, u need 2 loose yourself"

"And even though its never said and their lips they sealed, their actions reveal how their hearts really feel" Mos Def

"Art is a lie that makes us realise truth" Picasso