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CoCo Tea - There Must Be A Time (B-sidan på Settle Down)

Release år: 1985
Etikett: Dynamic sound Rec
Mediatyp: LP

Ranking Dread- Fattie Boom Boom
Fattie Boom Boom
now here comes one special request
and a
vital demand to all the fat girls
in the whole wide world:
Say fattie boom boom
Fattie boom boom
Fattie boom
Long fe see you dress up in a costume
Long fe see you bathe in a bathroom
Long fe smell your sweet perfume
Yasso Mr Marty yasso sir
Nothing ever sweet like this ya
Bubble Mr Marty Bubble sir
Cos nothing ever sweet like this ya sir
Gwan bubble Mr DJ bubble
Miss Molly Melaydo Molly Melaydo
She push her wheelbarrow
Through street broad and narrow
A What you say star?
Rub it up pon your hungry belly Beverly
She just bubble and go down
Rub and come up
She´s like a Seven-up
Fattie Boom Boom
Nicer than the whole a them fe true,ooh
Sexier than the whole a them fe true,ooh
Sweeter than the whole a them fe true,ooh
Mmmmm fattie boom boom boom
/Ranking Dread

Be very careful of what you say because all pigs don´t wear uniforms. Whether you´re doing dirt or not, don´t tell on other people´s dirt. Snitching is helping the pigs, and when you help the pigs you´re hurting the people. Know yourself and your enemy.

First Light

In Timbuktu I once saw an Arab boy who could play a flute with his ass, and the fairies told me he was really an individual in bed.