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Från United Kingdom / United Kingdom
Baby Gal,Sheila da Dealah,Bambi, Chinchilla
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2010-10-22 03:07

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Whoa is bo!!..
check me on myspace peeps:

10 Things That annoy sneakerheads!!!!

10. Round shoe laces (not my flava!)

9.Treading in dog shit (U own the dog,u own the shit,pick it up people!!)

8.Getting those damn permanent creases on the front panels of your kicks,right where your toes bend .(that why one should have multiple choice of sneaks)

7.Finding a dope colourway-and then discovering it's only available in kids size (those pink prestos,still hurts thinkin bout them)

6.Spending out on something limited-only to find them on general release next month (Aint that a biaatch!)

5.Scaping the bach of your shoes on steps and escalators
(Close to tears everytime!!)

4.Dressing your feet up for sunny weather and then it rains (Damn u London I almost had u figured out!!)

3.Breaking out some exclusive kicks-and then spotting som other dolt is wearing them .(What Im gonna Do??.ACT A FOOL!!)

2.Seeing people with a dope pair of shoes-BUT the lacing is strangling the tongue .(WHY WHY WHY!!!!)

1.Those lovely bread-footed people who aim at yor feet when you're sitting on the bus ( I SEE U nuckleheads!!!)

why do sneakerstores fed on my need to have flashy new sneaks??
I can't take this pressure!!!!!!aaahhhhhhh!!!

Hi My name is Sheila and Im an sneakerholic!!!

****Don't judge me before u know me****