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i don´t know... tell me
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2013-11-24 15:20

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I'm just one of those Soul Warrior mothafunkaz

"we didn't have educaion, we had inspiration. if I was educated i'd be a damn fool" Bob Marley

"my number one policy is quality, never sell my soul is my philosophy" - Binary Star

”stop, look and listen... I spit on your grave,  then I grab my charles dickens...bitch" - method man

"1:st is the originated - me
2:nd is the influated - you
3:rd is the innovated - me
4:th is the institution - my crew"- El-P

"I don't fight no wars, all I do is bus my guns" - Big L

”if I could make it stop rainin, this whole damn place wouldn’t know what to do with all the sunlight” - Sole

”we missed alot of church, so the music is our
confessional" - Big Boi

"So many plusses when i bus so that there cant be no minus" Andre 3000

"My IQ doubles when in time of crises" - Copywrite

"I'm the young Jedi that Yoda forgot to train"- The last Emperor

"Play me like monopoly, then pay me everytime you trespass on my property" - Method Man

I bring u the dirtness.....dirty stylez...stylez....style...sty...