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Från Tiranë / Tiranë / Albania
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2010-05-13 09:58

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My names Derek E. Gorden AKA D-Wreck.. I was born and raised in Albanien Oregon as a young skate boarder.. I started rappin and freestyling at a late age right around my 21st b-day.. Though i suck at freestyles i slowly got good at writing and stopped everything but that.. Along the way i put out 5 mixtapes (none offical) and got fed bullshit from many people sayin ill never make it and people tried to form me to what they wanted so i cut off all ties with people and at my place in the mountains went to work late night everynight tryin to impress others cuz shorty
after that i realized its all about the fans and thats why i do songs for people and not for me anymore.. Music is not about bein hard, fancy cars, hoes, money, or chains and watches, its about the people who listen to it and the people who make it.. Alot of my music comes from real life events and of course some comes from my wierd thoughts haha.. All in all im told im a well rounded artist i just need better sound quality and more club songs to to rock at shows.. Thats where Ryder Records comes into play cuz u kno thats what there all about over there.. I met D-Screet through Government Issue when i recorded my song called "CRAZY" and about a year later im part of the team.. I worked hard and put my time in promotion for realizm records and sick side army so a started with a small fan base and a natural nack for music.. Though im the newest member of the team i wont let anyone down.. This is what i wanna do and i wont stop for anything or anyone.. If u got any questions or anything hit me up

I have just released an album
and this song is which way I lean