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Användaren är inte inloggad L1X P35

Från Karlstad / Värmlands län / Sweden
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2011-11-01 11:03

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Eksperiens is a driven young musician whos passion for music really glows through his stuff. He's well known for his unique style to combine hardcore rap with a lot of singin' as well as being the producer of L1Xproductions. Basically he's a guitarist and he experimented with a lot of styles over the years before he realized that HIP-HOP was the one thing he really could relate to. And listening to the music u can see how it reflects upon the individual tracks, leavin' them with a certain freshness. But above all, the focus is put on the lyrics. Tryin' to make a difference, and to deliver the same amount of feelin' to u, as he gets from the music he makes.