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Royalstreets entertainment
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2010-10-25 00:28

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Royalstreets entertainment



Nu har vi på Royalstreets Entertainment börjat med nyheter inom media och musik världen. Vi kommer skriva om allt från studio prylar, nya videos, nya artister och all sorts recensioner. Så om ni vill att vi ska recensera något ni har gjort eller ni själva vill att någon nyhet ska komma upp så skriv gärna till oss.

Maila oss på: [email protected]


Royalstreets - Enter The Kingdom - UTE NU

Köp den på http://www.royalstreets.se

Skiva med artister från hela sverige

Choys, E.T, Eugenius, Dapz Yuk, Fakktap, Kosayan, Burim, Smack A Hoe, Tay Tay Dat Dude, Dillin Hoox, Crome, Mizta Rodga, Vito Eme, Toby Zaiboot, Xo

world series beats : inom kort

royal academy : inom kort

Royalstreets documentary : Inom kort



Royalstreets Entertainment is a production corporation. Royalstreets is located in sweden where all the music magic happens, everything we do we try our best to get it out to the people. We work with other people and company side by side when we do our productions and negotiation. We are trying our best just for you so you can enjoy our beats and sound. Royalstreets Entertainment started about 5 years ago. but didint became oficially until 4 year after. when we started the only thing we had was a computer and a lowprice musicprogram. After the music got our attention we started to build the studio and the music expericence. Thats when wen we started to use Cubase and Reason, The music production got more attention and people started to know the name. Nowadays Royalstreets does alot of different kind of projects and productions, both with music and mixing programs and with hardware tools. We currently have a number of project concepts in development, including music videos, mixtapes, albums and other productions. We develop our own ideas and also work in collaboration with other artists and production professionals. Our location sourcing and logistics experience, local knowledge and range of key contacts mean we are placed to meet all the needs of producers, artists, writers and directors and promoters.


Are you interested in buying beats? We produce beats according to your wishes no matter genre or style. Prices start at 200$ which includes 15 hrs of work. We also sell beats that are already made which are often more cheap due to the lack of extra processing


For bookings and information, contact us via e-mai:

[email protected]

Any problem or general questions:

[email protected]

for productions and arrangements:

[email protected]