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Från Port Saint Mary / Port Saint Mary / Man (Isle of)
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2012-12-05 08:41

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If I was a rich man, I'd buy you some shoes
Tall boots for all the dirt you walk through
What would that do? Enable you to deal
Without schooling you on how to touch what's real
And if I was a smart man, I'd tell you everything that I knew
And give it to you every time you need a talking to
But what would that do? Teach you my guidelines
So you can be a cheerleader at your game on the sidelines
And if I was a driver, I'd keep my headlights on
To see the difference between right and wrong
I'd wear my seatbelt even when I'm in park
Cause I don't trust the other fools that cruise through these parts
And if I was a better cook, I'd hook up a feast
Set a table full of food for the children to eat
I encourage the nourishment so we can breathe
With the knowledge that we got something accomplished