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zindefakka - mi mynd rewind

Vår Hiphop - Lyricism


2011-07-12 22:04

zindefakka - mi mynd rewind

With blind eyes closed ears i am my own enemy
Know what i could, and what i wont ever be.
Putting myself in a box trapped in a cage.
And cant help my self from thinkin back in the days.

Your chances against me are so bad,
You'll get marked with either scars or a toe tag.
Claim you'r a "straight" up gangsta, really a broke fag.
Man cut the crap take your fat ass and just roll back.

Call me an animal lover, wont keep birds in cage.
Never learn from mistakes.
Got no tresures but i searched and i failed.
And no matter how many backs i see turning away.
I just say fuck them my fire burns anyway.

you are not a rapper, you'r an asshole cuz you only drop shit!