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Sederos - Friendship is a bitch

Vår Hiphop - Lyricism


2010-10-16 21:11

Sederos - Friendship is a bitch

You know nowadays you dont know who you can call a friend or your enemy
Or who you can trust or the person you should stay the fuck away from

Listen up I have a story that needs to be told
Ever since I've been 18 years old
I've felt like shit like I got a uncureable cold
It all started when I was seventeen
smoking mary jane everyday my dad told me I was obscen
But I didnt care what he had to say
I had my ''friends'' that i thought backed me everyday
Everytime they got into trouble
I jumped in and got into a squable
It felt like we would be friends for a 100 years
But when I needed a hand They didnt care
They stopped calling acted like I had a virus
Talking shit about me when I wasnt around like minnors
They didnt apreciate my friendship
So I got real mad and gave one of them a fat lip
Since then we lost our connection
months later I started to pay attention
How they went from buddaheads into drug themes
Shooting heorin sniffing coke feeling grand supreme
I tried to help one of them a childhood friend
but he told me to fuck off so I said enough
I was tired being stepped on like a door mat
I was tired of having friends that are sociopaths
So I took a step back and I took the right track
like a tram studying hard and finally I got my exams
A few weeks later we got back in touch
With the whole bunch acted like they've changed much
Chillin and riding smoking philly ones
I was a dumb teenager thinking they changed
But they were the same stupid and deranged
Now I know u cant trust no one but your family
Cause if u do it will only end in a tragedy

säg vad ni tycker om texten och vad jag borde förbättra! Tack

Whetever taken seriously or takin pride, Bronx MCs leave suckers whistling cold wind madness through loose teeth