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Lill-AnTezz - I dont care anymore

Vår Hiphop - Lyricism


2008-04-05 17:55

Lill-AnTezz - I dont care anymore

satt nyss och skrev ner 16 rader som jag kände för, tycker allt känns så tråkigt ändå.
ska väl iväg snart, så jag vill se ett par kommentarer ! PEACE !

None of you knows how i really feel/
But you'll hear it, word, keep it real/
Iam maybe not the perfect person, but fuck it/
Is so sick and tired of this, find a gun and pop it/
His fucking dad blaming on him every fucking day/
Dont wanna take one more fucking blame/
I dont want to live anymore, kill me/
Fuck everything, I have my number one homie/
Iam sitting here and writing this song/
You saved my life, if it not was for you, i should been gone/
Show your rapskills now micke, they want that/
Look at your mother in the crowd and begin to rap/
Wanna live like i did before this time, im pissing shit on your lines/
I dont fucking care if i dont laying good rhymes/
All i want to do, is be a raper but i suck/
Im out of here now, time is much, look at the clock/

Mclarzon is in tha house yao :)

peace !