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2007-01-03 22:45


Get up upon the dance floor hoe hoe//
what do you mean why? cause I fucking say so!//
I got to diss ya//
piss ya//
fucking loser, not even a hoe would kiss ya//
standing there trying to act soo cool//
but youre nothig but a bítch ass fool//
going around thinking youre so dope//
there is no hope//
so I say nope//
can´t you co-op with the fact?//
or should i beat you with my baseball bat//
or are you so fat//
that not even my bat will do damage//
then i´ll fucking rampage//
spraying you in the eyes with maze//
and in this case//
slize your throat you fucking nutcaze//
this is a faze that will never go over untill you go under//
then i will fucking plunder//
make your life a living hell//
and my homies as well//
we will kill you and youre bitch ass fat family//
and now your telling me//
please dont kill them I do anything//
even whipe my ass kissing my shoes//
but I wont stop untill you have my foot against your head //
laying on the floor//
and the blood will pour//
cause youre a dead motherfucker this 4 minutes will probably be your last four//
cause we will kill you and youre momma the fat whore//
I will fuck your momma so hard you that you cant see if its a he or a she//
and you better believe//
I am a amn of my word//
and no misstakes accur//
I am a  gangsta , a gangsta god//
you fuck with me and youre covered with blood!

hahaha så feet! skrev på 30 min


did u know ur moma has a deep throat ?