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2005-12-01 15:59


what up son im at the spot (ooh) bustin this and that
they only use for one reason like a christmas hat
and the reason is simple, to stick you cats
pick a way to fall kid, cause your shit so wack
you spit redicolus raps, i clutch your neckless and stacks
so neclected imma give you 2 seconds to dash
i fuck with these, so i need booze, ex and some hasch
son you wanna make deals, i give you less than a half
its just me, a kon artist, face those facts
can't delt with the realness, taste my baseball bat
tie you up with ducktape, in a box in a basement
and stomp on you till i lose my got damn patience
on some loot making shit, forever im large
this goes out to the snake thiefs a devilesh brads
who be sticking the stick up kids, and breathing the wrong air
sippin on liquid shit, and leaving the bong clare
its all peace, im telling you its nice
rock that spot, yeah you better live your life
like a rebel with a dice, i'll flip the scripture
let you ride my tracks to death, just like hitler
i get busy with you playes, flexing my new stocks
and shortys to melt for me, i guess im just to hot
now check it, now gotta i mention the bluesuits
they fuck with us worse (damn) just like they used too
anonomus officers, harassing lots of kids
make me a suspect for nothing, god forbidds
i held some chips, got away, fuck having consience
people say we out of faight, tha fuck that is nonsens
we response to them til they give us respect
out here, we fist fight to get a relevent rep
continue the wild style and never give it up
the malexender killings was a benefit for us, PIG
i always dodge back, you'll end like my last foes
wack rappers like you, spit shit like assholes
you like my ghoswriter, never appears
yous a coward (scared) even after plenty of bears
i gives a fuck, notice on the trouble i make
on some love shit for money double up it for days
i heard you got knocked, so whats up with the case
drop that, we got a billion bottles up in this place
fuck the courtroom, remand prisons, and all that
i remain guilty, still im chillin with my cats, judge
catch me wylding dunk in this bitch
J&W empty, now imma jump you for kicks
its like that

jonzo is spicey kush