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(7th Sense) Life of an warrior - pt. 1

Vår Hiphop - Lyricism


2005-09-13 17:13

(7th Sense) Life of an warrior - pt. 1

my life lay dormant, unsupported as an orphan
immortal organs, son of goddess and swordsman
had visions of warships, beach heads and stormin'
reachin' shore in hoardes, forward toward the horsemen
reinforcements come swarmin' over orchids
a line forcin' through fields of battered corpses
we're the fourth corps cornered and exalted
lighting the funeral pyres with our torches
breathless first, could see my death since birth
blessed at worst, i learned to respect the curse
cuz you know bloodshed has been my deliverence
militant from the day i was dipped in the river Styx
the lifeless eyes of Isis made the difference
my fate shimmers in shifting sands in the distance
this is my mission, you've warned 'em to late
i am the warrior who's storming your gates

holla back.. håll ögonen öppna för del 2 kommer snart..

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