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[Ny Tråd] Objektiv vs Sederos 10 bars

Vår Hiphop - Battle & Cypher


2010-10-16 12:18

[Ny Tråd] Objektiv vs Sederos 10 bars


I'll make this MC wish he never battled when he got the brain of a fish,
Its dinnertime in the US, a winner rhyme cookin' a swe-dish!

This bitch is disgusting! Crooks and bastards; look at this shit-eating drag;
His skills is rusting plus his swag on some suicidal emo style mixed with a fag.

Is this kid hooked with THE GAME like the Lakers? Cuz he's constantly losing,
This dendrophiliac fuck up the papers, i feel guilt for the trees he's abusing.

Retarded fucks could punch keys on random; ''askjdglcnvaegkbk'' and Sed loses at once, (then he cries to both of his moms)
Wishing him good luck is like eating lunch and give fake lottery tickets to homeless bums.

Votes for Sederos cant be found, his rawness is below shitstain particles,
He's writing ''Looking for Fame!'' in newspapers on the missing peoples articles.

Sederos have sex with dumb bitches, i dont care bout stupid as fucks,
He's lucky enough, he would'nt loose his virginity if it was'nt was bucks.

Got told that he's abusing his girl, i started to laugh bout their bitching,
cuz I talked to the slut and she told me his punches is'nt hard hitting.

I dont understand Sederos but i figured his acronym as this bitch as is nuts;
Its: Stupid Expert on Drinkin Alcohol while Riding Obese Sluts.
Even trashcans got better content than you.. Not to mention dead bugs,
He would'nt gain interest even if he recycled bars to cash in some clubs.

I'll eat your dead rhymes from the crypt they spawn from .. Call me Pharaohe Munch,
I just joined the battle to destroy a shitkid and get better .. At a sucker punch.


Ur no competition what you spit is only fiction u beatin me is a impossiable mission
U cant stop me by any means your style is unattractive like a bitch with baggy jeans

Every line I spit I improve but every line u spit ur closer to lose
Im not here to amuse I make you look obnoxious and cheap like a chinese massuse

I inspire people like Malcom Ex I deliver my shit right to your door steps like Fed Ex
Cats like u are addicted to my text like sex I smoke u like I smoke a bag of sets

I got punks like u afraid I get more props than a sicillian getting made
U winning this battle is just as possiable as a transvestite getting laid

So do yourself a favour throw away the pen and the paper
Cause Im burying you like a Undertaker

Im shakin you like I shake my willie Why spit 10 bars about a chump it's silly
You feel me? I make everyone forget about u like hip hop forgot about philly

enough with the metaphores cause soon I will hear you screamin 'no more'
I make your ears sore cause what i spit is hardcore but what the fuck for?

This is a waste of time I would much rather smoke a bag of dime
Why? Cause everytime u brag in your rhymes we all know its a lie

It's tough times I leave no one to spare what the fuck is a norwegian doing here?
If u leave no one would even care 9 bars and I leave your sorry ass in despair

votes up muthafuckas!

Whetever taken seriously or takin pride, Bronx MCs leave suckers whistling cold wind madness through loose teeth