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Sederos vs BigIssue

Vår Hiphop - Battle & Cypher


2010-10-10 20:32

Sederos vs BigIssue

Sederos - Verse 1

Watch me as I spit my first line before I end this bar u better quit
Everytime u rhyme muthafuckas think being wack as u should be a crime

You're calling yourself bigissue but I'll eat you like a pitbull eats human tissue
But im no cannibal im lyrical gifted, rhymers that are as good as me are only few

So please put away your keyboard cause I'll lyricaly disable your spinal cord
My punchlines are more dangerous than a Usama driving a tourist bus
Cause I'll blow shit up like biggie u cant compare yourself with me

Im not bragging or trying to look cool im writting actual facts
So step the fuck back cause you're not even worth the sweat on my nut sack

Im hell sent I'll make your music sound more gay than Kent
I put u up in the game now imma dismantle u down like a tent

Your punchlines is a joke if battling was a job you would be broke
And people would look up to me like Superman but without the tight suit and cloak

Im no superhero even though my losses still stays at zero
And im not gonna lose yet Im still gonna make suckas like u depressed and upset

I will keep spiting until your face smells like my breath
Wanna fuck with me only leads to an early death

Big Issue - Verse 1

Your lyrics are nothing, simply lame, go fuck yourself fella
My shit ready to rock ya' like Rocc-A-Fella

Way my lyrics mirk, in battles I always Drop-A-Fella
You're a bitch like hoochies in porno movies I fuck you like that Rocc-O-Fella

Fuck how much cheese ya' got, don't dare touchin my Mozzarella
Or this battle gon' be between your lyrics n' my Beretta

Spit lines that come like nines to your chest
Makin' holes in 50s bulletproof vest

Killin you isn't an emergency, although I handle you urgently
Shit you wrote is more weak than Rwandan currency

Flow ain't liquid, I keep it ODB, ears go numb, you'll probably O.D.
And fuck your Usama similarities and metaphors, watch me

Goin' up and down in an aircraft in the ile makin' terror in an Afgan outfit
Actin' a pilot fuckin' your girl first class up in the cockpit
Collapse fragile rappaz in the industry like a bad stocktip

Murder was the case that they Gave Me like John Wayne Gacy
My last words to you is Kiss My Ass Baby like John Wayne Gacy

Sederos - Verse 2

What I spit is much better and more lethal than a ''beretta''
I'll pistolwhip you load the clip and I start moving my lips

Stop quoting Jay Z cause soon I'll say ''Murder was the case that they Gave Me''
Quoting Snoop are u kidding me? your 8 bars is a big flop

I'll flip the script and Imma tell you why your rhymes is shit
You keep quoting the same shit over and over
makes me think that u didnt write that when u were sober

U say u spit like nines but when I spit I spit like mini guns
I come more solid than titanium I spit shit that goes through your cranium

you steping to me is like a cripple giving a standing ovation
Im outclassing you faster than Lohan breaking her probation

I got you caught in the game like crystal meth
fuck voting we dont need reffs this fight is like Tyson vs a guy thats blind and deaf

My shit is so hot that I put people in caskets like a deadly fever
7 bars and I got u served like Nas did to Jay Z on ''ether''

Big Issue - Verse 2

Talking' about Quotes, you joke me, they quoted John Gacy Wayne
Talking' quotes in 8 bars is lame, I don't shoot people in the back like John Wayne

I am hostile, scary as a deserted Hostel; my raps will put you in a hospital
Tom Cruise said battling Big Issue is Mission Impossible

Your words are weak like 7 days, my tong a razor blade, brings agony
Voice so strong a bare whisper echoes into eternity

You just original as an Remix, I came to hurt your damn feelings
So when I spit, the pain you'll feel it, can't feel you on the beat
You did one song for weeks, still nobody is hittin' repeat

Even with the winter approaching you can feel my heat
You can't murder me, ya' whack lyrics though puts any man to sleep

So you better of listen to M.O.P. and try to Stand Clear
If dope lyrics was measured in success, I would ruin your career

Ya' da type, only act tuff, protected from security & bodyguards
On the cover of XXL you lil' bitch ass couldn't get large

Whetever taken seriously or takin pride, Bronx MCs leave suckers whistling cold wind madness through loose teeth