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Skriv av dig [X antal bars cypher]

Vår Hiphop - Battle & Cypher


2009-05-25 18:53

Skriv av dig [X antal bars cypher]

Blev inspirerad av en kille har i forumet som skrev av sig, men lat oss alla skriva av oss lite o njuta av varandras lasning...I begin...

Skull and bones move in silence towards the trown
Criminals in Action never doing dirt on their own
They got your kids to execute their enemy
They just sit in the background smiling, looking friendly
You depend on them cause you think they'll keep you safe
Open your mouth say the wrong words they'll put you in a safe
When a killer gets away, we all know who did it
To avoid confusion in the song call em' the government
Same criminals controlling your very envoirnment
Ever asked yourselves why they act on anger?!
Tell you that your life is in danger?!
Don't trust them like you were talkin' to a stranger!!
You need to pick your team you nothin but statistics
When their mission fails, we're not allowed to be critics
So keep on keepin' it gangsta, gangsta slash rappa
To many truths revealed believe they'll clap ya'
Tap you n' ya' phone, take away everything you own
You went A million sold on talkin' gun clappin'
But Bush is always going million times platinum
War is business, business means money
Money means power, power means controll
Controll means domination, hiding information
So the wrong questions are kept on being asked
How long do you think you will last?
When they know everything about your past?
They need the poor, that's how they get their war
I want to be somebody, only option is fightin'
They'll give you the guns, they tell you to kill
They'll convince you that this is your duty, your will
They'll tell you that you love your country so many times
That it becomes the only known reason for the war crimes
We are blind people only following the blind
We must be dumb, cause they controll our mind
Christians believe in "the Profets" Peace Be Upon Them
Bush Believes "in Profits" n' How to get a Piece of Them
They escaped after puttin' a bullet through your face
There is no evidence so there is no chase
Even C.S.I. couldn't find a trace, shut down the whole Case
Propaganda speeches, news castings and hidden information
Poor education, is a plan they have to controll Their Nation
They don't need you to ask questions, only to obey orders
Crossin' borders, spread lies so hire more reporters
But I am Live n' Uncut Reportin' lyrics through 'A' MiC

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