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JohnBlond vs. EiGhTy_K - Rond 2 (English, 20 bars)

Vår Hiphop - Battle & Cypher


2009-01-20 14:50

JohnBlond vs. EiGhTy_K - Rond 2 (English, 20 bars)

Aiit.. you guessed right: dehär e rond två mellan mig och den fattiga riddaren, johnblond. Nej tänker inte skriva blondinbella o sånt här nu, I'm fair - not a child. Såhär var det:
John postade battle till mig, och kallade mig feg för att jag inte svarade.. idag fick han mig ändra mig efter att jag sett alla hans uttalanden... dags för en revansch för johnblund, som förlorade sist med 8-0 elr nåt... FÖRST TILL 7, OCH MOTIVERA !!
och INGET SPAM. Jag ska inte spamma, men då får johnblund acca det och inte försvara sig om nån ger honom kritik (elr inte säger att han e bäst)... anyway; här e texterna: (och jag försökte att inte svara på hans diss, för att få det jämnare.. komr inte ihåg vad som stod i den när jag skrev) :

eighty-k.. you´re a fucking KURD! /
a nerd with lousy words up in the sky flying with birds
i pull you down to earth /
and for what its worth i give you this info: you´re DAD gave you birth..
on the internet you`re a thug, but outside you´re a bitch /
you act like you`re rich but the fact is, you get cash from sucking dick
i proove to you fags that i can kick shit in english /
i bring it to your chest so you know that you wont win this
why cant you just meet me and my friend? /
maybe cause you realise it would be the end
you`re not a thug, gangsta or a streetkid /
you`re a bug, a wanksta, who aint gonna be SHIT
i fuck you up! you handed out threats? Ooo scary /
i would have more respect in the streets for drew carey (HAHA)
if someone disses this battle i wrote /
you´re an idiot man.. you shouldn`t even vote..
this dude been writing battle shit for years /
i`ve just started and still force this fag to tears
how come you`re such a big coward /
i picture you looking like a computer-nerd named howard..

JohnBitch battlin’ me, is like when Eminem got challenged by Everlast
- This dude will NEVER last, he should have just let it pass…

Don’t matter if I ignore you – you keep cryin’//
You got such cheap style – no wonder if you’re free-stylin’//…
Told me “I got more songs AND friends than you on MySpace!”//
- Internet geek; life ain’t just about Cyber space!//
Emo, you say you write deep stuff, people can relate to//
In that case I write “FUCK OFF!” – cuz everybody hates you!//
You also bragged about that your songs are more played than mine//
At least I’m original – you only got played punch-lines!//
If you’re a racist and emo, don’t act gangsta later//
- and call everybody that finds you whack a hater//
Even if your music was good, you got a whack behavior//
Use your head, and do us a favor; go crack your cranium!...//
Your mum’s white trash, and a bum like ass//
You’re a dumb punk, who was made during a one-night stand//
And your bum-father prolly regrets he didn’t wear rubber//
The only bright about you, is your hair color!//
Oh, you’ve never seen your father?// Suffer from ADD, plus –
you seem to be retarded, 24, still at your mum’s apartment//
Don’t fuck with the web, you’re not Peter Parker//
I just destroyed your career, before it even STARTED!//…


BÄSTE man vinna, John! ;)

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