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Dissa personen över! (Cypher #6)

Vår Hiphop - Battle & Cypher


2012-06-02 13:47
Youre first line was nothing but a simplified copy of mine
Bitch you're stuck in the ground but trying to be sublime
Sadly though you're failing big time with you're bitch rhymes
Trying to get ahead but falling deeper into the behinds
You ain't nothing but second rate victim of a verbal rape
I suppose you need a break to look up the meaning of my rhymes on google translate
Are you done yet, did you get my point, having fun yet, sucking dicks like joints.
What should I put in my final bar, perhaps its enough with I feel sorry for you all.
Yarr I'm a pirate

Ge en människa makt och han kommer försöka utnyttja den för egen vinning.

2012-06-06 12:13
All the time that has gone since last time I was here and yet zero rhymin has been done what is this kind of fear?!
You're like naked civilians and I'm fully geared - running towards you with a crooked spear - ready to impale now what do you say?
Nuthin' so you better grab your keyboard and walk away!
You can try to stay but I'll emerge you to the ground and sell it to the landowner, cause you're gettin' ran over like you're on a bike and I'm in a Landrover!

2012-06-06 16:36
Not enough time has past since last, you still got the same lame ass raps
looking like a gay cowboy in chaps
I'm gonna leave you bleedin to death at the bottom of brokeback mountain
vultures will be feeding on your chest while I shower you with a golden fountain
The only reason I'm grabbing my keyboard right now, is so I can beat your ass down
Then take your rover and start to plow
Where is all your gear, oh it there, there and there,
it seems like you and your gear is spread out everywhere
Is that your spear? Is that your rear?
Put them both together and start to cheer.

Ge en människa makt och han kommer försöka utnyttja den för egen vinning.

2012-06-06 17:17
"Put spear toghether with rear and start ot cheer?" What's that kind of rhyming dot com type of shit, that's cheap and horrible bro not even good for a chickflick

Maybe it would be though if you started flapping with your bitchtits, down on your knees bitch and take a hint, misfit!

And I reckon there's a reason why you bring your keyboard to fight, all you gotta do is to have the screen locked into sight

And you can be who ever you want to be and make the world think you're allright, but at the end of the day, you're just a pussy who sits up all night and brings your keyboard to fight.

2012-06-06 17:36
Snubbar tror att engelskan lyfter deras rader
ohoh tillhör rap för gubbar & battles i hörnet av betongfasader
egg, han har hållt på ett tag
men nivån förblir densamma, medelmåttig-bra
er andra, vad?
Ni är inte ens värda att nämna
jag tar med ord-järn
lämnar alla andra vapen hemma
behöver bara en mick och era lik & likar blir skrämda
ohoh är dödsföraktad i stockholm
jag har gjort det här sen tv visade skärgårdsdoktorn
pff, släng er i väggen eller över vägen
för här är kungen som ger er däng hårdare än bängen
hur känns sös-sängen?
ohoh håller i längden
och släpper aldrig taget om elden
har du en hemmastudio kiddo
gör alla en tjänst och sälj den
Hip-hop ain't dead, it's just deep underground

2012-06-06 18:20
Gillar din förutfattade mening om hur du är bättre än "oss",
du tror för mycket om dig själv som ett selfproclaimed proffs!
Medelmåttigt bra tar jag som en komplimang, då jag bara kör nån gång i månaden som ett halvtråkigt evenemang!
Men denna killen kan som en riktig man, tror sig kunna mest och bäst för hans erfarenhet är ju faktiskt sann!
Inte enkelt att vara gammal som gatan, antagligen redan fått grova problem med prostatan
Så fort Zlatan gör fel på fotbollsplan åker näven i soffbordet och skriker "SATAN!"
Rullar av garn flyger i kalabalik, hemma hos gubben är det nu bara ren panik!
Antennen ifrån TV'n stör ut hörselapparaten och allting flyger fortfarande runt pågrund av den sjuka farten
Men om sanningen ska hit så är gubben inte ens vaken, drömt sitt liv förbi långt ifrån starten

2012-06-06 20:51
Jag fick inte ens chansen att ge den där betongchimpansen
En svängom i batongskinns dansen,
Jag som bara ville visa den horfan från storstan,
vissa prylar vi på landet lär oss redan som småbarn
Sånna som dig lämnar betongen i grupp för att ge sig på en ensam man
Sånna som mig spöar såna som dig och din trupp bara för att jag kan
Och i skogen där finns det ingen som kan höra, hur du ber om hjälp innan jag skär upp dig från öra till öra, så vad ska du göra? Lika bra att du försöker hinna med tuben hem, ditt jubel skämt, som vanligt kan du fly och låtsats som att ingenting hänt


Ye I did a horrible rhyme, so that you could diss it and shine,
I guess that's what I need to do so that bitches like you don't give up after my first line.
You think I spend a lot of time behind my rhyme, bitch please they come out this fine all the time
You're being "bad" behind a screen, does that insult work on anyone older then thirteen
Know what I mean? You little bitch behind the screen, that diss ain't really mean, unless you're bitching behind the screen.

(Ot, diggade dina keyboard dissar egg. Riktigt roliga)
Ge en människa makt och han kommer försöka utnyttja den för egen vinning.

2012-06-06 21:12
A horrible rhyme, get smashed for a colourful time, you're probably standing up yelling "this rapthread is mine!"
And indeed I will always shine because im always in my primetime/
And now it's nine so for you it's probably night time/
That's why this thread wont be yours
You will never get this even if you try with force
You being a big gangsta´rapper son? YEA SURE!

(ot, tackar D:)

2012-06-06 21:34
Finnaly an answer that didn't take days to see,
perhaps I should wait a few days so you know how it feels to be me,
for you a dream coming true, since I am as gangster as a Swede could ever be
Unlike you, a wangster wannabe that "stands up yelling" someone please look at me!
The only thing on you that got shine, is the baldspot at the back of your head with a hand imprint that looks a lot like mine.
Now I ain't got more time, as you said It's after nine, I got work to do that I can't talk about with rhymes.

Ge en människa makt och han kommer försöka utnyttja den för egen vinning.

2012-06-06 21:42
hej du är gay som en lesbisk tjej
nice att du åt bajs med korn av majs på en pizza slice
du är lika värd som bubblorna i min spottloska

2012-06-06 22:13
I got shit to do besides hitting 'refresh' and chasing you
It's not like you're the top of my to do list son cause a "win" from you is nothing new

You call on me for crying for attention,
and then you're mad for not getting enough? Thats kinda sad to mention and That's kinda bad for tension!
So you better relax, retire, go into pension

I don't kow if it's true or you being ironic, a gangster swed is nothing to be proud with
...even if you sell shitty chronic!
I'm not a gangster or trying to be, im dropping that shit can't you see? I'm no one else besides " the stoned me"

2012-06-07 00:55
I guess I write a few bars for you, to clarify
This gangster shit been flyin way to high in the sky
Cause I loathe them, a swed being G
And I'm loaded, with a bag of irony
So ye I'm gonna drop some real lame gangster bars
In the same way I drop shit about gays, moms and scars
I just think It's lame when I'm Rollin, and you others think I'm trolling
You get offended and you cry, you start to question if I lie
It's only words I let them fly,
So bite me, kiss my baggy pants ass
And fight me, atleast you're typing quite fast
selling shitty chronic ain't the way to earn shit
All my cash is taxed, and I don't sell I smoke it
I hope this made things clear about me being G
Cause I was getting bored to be the only mc,
The only one who tries to make the words work for me.
Signed and delivered by myself what I guess you mean by "the stoned me"

Aight? G.
Ge en människa makt och han kommer försöka utnyttja den för egen vinning.

2012-06-07 12:14
You dont have to clarify it's clear as a full on blue sky
That's why I've ever asked if you're really a gangsta,
instead, I laughed at you for being a wanksta´!
Yes indeed your rhyming is lame, quite gay and thats a shame,
And if your mother was reading these bars she'll smack you for not having game, writing a list with pointers that's filled with flaws
And the truth about your bars will give both you and her mental scars
And no you didn't clear anything out though, I see a kid who wants to be G
Then you say you're not trying you're just an wicked MC?
But then why are you just a bag filled with irony?

2012-06-07 13:40
If anyone is gonna get smacked, it is you for being this whacked
Don't you ever get bored of replying the same way, contradicting every bar I lay,
Atleast I got some originallity, have you had an independent thought recently
Every answer you come up with, contains pretty much the same shit
Dont you ever get sick of it?
youre interpretations goes beyond my imagination, I guess I need to lower my expectations and start rhyming in a simpler presentation
That way we will be on the same level in this game, cause I'm sick of writing New rhymes but always get answered by the same,

Ge en människa makt och han kommer försöka utnyttja den för egen vinning.

2012-06-07 14:48
For a rap battle theres more than just spittin their own shit,
comprehend other elements and perspectives, maybe you can get abit more effective you prick
We can go on and on writing at different pages, if we're not on the same there's no end we can do this for ages!
But the key to this tale is that you're always on the start while im wrecking all stages
And you have no *imagination, since like a kid in school you're still using google for your *presentation
Your bars makes no sense, like you put them together from end to end, editing and changing sittin n thinking "yeah,, this shits amazing"

2012-06-07 17:02
Det är nog lika bra att jag skriver på ett språk du förstår
Jag antar att engelska på min nivå helt enkelt är för svårt
Att jag använder mig av ord som är för mycket för såna som du
Kanske är för att jag redan som barn var bättre än du är nu
Jag har genom åren byggt upp ett vokabulär, ett ord som du kanske vet vad det är,
Lika bra att jag säger att det betyder ordförråd, annars kommer du berätta det så fort du läser det här,
Jag tyckte till en början att du var rolig att battla, men dina sista svar har bara varit "du skriver sånt jag inte fattar"
Att jag skulle redigera mina rim vilket jävla skämt
Bara för att min freestyle är bättre än din och kommer vara det jämt
Men sitt du gärna vid datorn och grina och gråt, min freestyle kommer alltid ta din förskrivna låt.

Ge en människa makt och han kommer försöka utnyttja den för egen vinning.

2012-06-07 18:10
You go ahead and fall back, change language and all that,
to a much more "safe" environment --- it's cool I understand that,
you can try whatever you feel like - you arrogant brat
I'll always be swinging verbal headshots with my baseballbat
While your rhyming is just fun to look at, weird and shit like chineses eating cooked cat
And nice try to change the direction, I never said I didn't understand you
I said your shit didn't make sense now that's a difference
Thats you being stupid not me, you better take your time on writing it's fine by me
I could take my time too but I would never get an answer back - boo
I never waste more than a few minutes cause I know your limits,
Im just passing time and no worries ill let you know when im finished

2012-06-07 19:06
Chineses eating cooked cat, how many wrongs do you see in that?
My guess is none since you are just that wack, and ye I switched back
To ride your bitch back, and strike you out with my screwball attack,
Swing your little baseball bat, you facebook twat, when was the last time, you dropped a punchline I don't think I've ever seen that.
I've only seen you say that you could, I guess you never need proof in your hood
But then again I don't think you dare incase you'll be misunderstood
What if you drop a rhyme, that isn't saying something bout mine, atleast one line,
Not filled with crying and whine,
bitch you keep tryin, youre bitchtits keep flyin, you spit shit and you're dying, so just quit with the whining, and slit your wrists crying, I'm sick of youre rhymin,
just stick to the plan, be a man if you can, go to google translate and let youre childhood vocabulary expand.
Ge en människa makt och han kommer försöka utnyttja den för egen vinning.

2012-06-07 20:08
You are such an hypocrit on so many levels, you whining about me responding to your bars and then you do the same? Aint that clever!
I can't comprehend your stupidity This "battle" is like a dead end,
Chineses eating cooked cat, how many wrongs do you see in that? My guess is none

Really? Come on... you need a newsflash son, I just told you
thats weird and shit
where you getting your inspiration from? You barely have none would've guessed that it's just gone

I hope you wake up tomorow and read your bars, realize how fuck´t up they truly are, completely FILLED with flaws and you're still looking at yourself like some fucking superstar
Man come on, you aint raw, whats the meaning of this if we're not answering on each others bars?
Google your own grammar cause it's pure shit, while your at it google "how to battle" too, worth being repeated,
you dumb prick

2012-06-07 20:55
I'm just playing the same lame game that you've been doing for some time
I know my inspiration is lost, I suppose now you understand why,
I actually enjoy the way you rhyme, the sad thing is that every line and every rhyme
sounds pretty much the same everytime
Just between you and me, tell it to me raw,
aren't you the one that thinks he is a superstar, with your stupid bars, getting pissed at me for trying to be the same hypocrite that you are
When I wake up tommorow I'm gonna be laughing as I always do, and that's thanks to you, making my first try at battling seem as easy as you do.
I can sense you're getting serious, since your bars are getting furious, there's no need to feel inferior, we both know I'm your superior.
But ye my rhymes is surely filled with flaws, I've been battling for I don't know maybe 100 bars
Still I've dropped som doper shit then you ever will by far, is that the sound of a speeding car, knowing where you are, I guess you better run before I make you into a real superstar, you fucking retard

Ge en människa makt och han kommer försöka utnyttja den för egen vinning.

2012-06-07 21:55
I'm not playing a lame game, it's just my style to rhyme
I don't claim fame or aiming high, just doing my thing and thats my style
Sure you can blame and flame and question why,
I'll say fuck the rest for being all the same - thats the reason why
I'm not a superstar and im not a gangster, unlike you im not trying to be, the dude with the little hamster
I'm not furious but im getting annoyed, your stupidity of logic is not more than a little boy's
And im pretty sure that you're still in the age of playing with toys
The age is how you act but hey, thats your choice
But for a fact, you havent battling for long, I guess that's the reason why you dont got a clue about whats going on
And stop with this Aight? shit like you're the fuken baws, before I verbally drag you to the field with a bearclaw
Rip your head off and yell to the others "hey, go far!"

Lets play ball!


2012-06-07 23:43
Ok I just need to drop some honest shit,
right now I'm to baked to be rude'nshit
I still think that It's fun, to be messin around, but it feels like you take it to seriously
But this last piece you wrote, I admit it was dope, now go suck a Dick! Hope you choke
Ye I got to toys, that's my choice, but don't think I'm no little boy, if age is so important you will fill up with joy.
I got four years on you, so drop the "I'm more mature" shit you do, It's kinda immature to be true
Did you even try, to get a better rhyme, on hamster, like panther, or did you just want to mention the word gangster, It's like a cancer, when you're stuck with the word of curse It's the only answer,
you're gangster.
It's a way to pick a fight, you get pissed of and claim you're right, I laugh it of and say it "light" Aight?
Playing with sticks, stroking balls, something sounds gay, its baseball
I end it with a kick to the balls, I like games that kicks on the ball,
know what I mean? I don't mean to be mean, its just easy to be behind this 5" screen.
Or well It's four point seven, but I'm a man I can exaggerate, that's what we do when we accelerate,
we go on hard we get shit done, so kid grow up don't call me son, or I'll shoot you with my chicken gun,
I'm done!

Aight? ..l.,
Ge en människa makt och han kommer försöka utnyttja den för egen vinning.

2012-06-08 10:37
As I mentioned before I do this for fun I'll let you know when im finished
Your stoned minds memory is also like before, limited
I'm never serious with a straight face, more like mysterious great as a live spate
Wrecking lyrics like its oxygen giving you no breathing space
And ill tell you again, just in case, I'm not a gansgter i'm far from it
You're on a slow pace and leavin' traces -- even if I sat down you would get chased
Even if you walked through different places I would always find you and write you back, drag your impaled ass with a flag, even with your straightpokerface you'll be,
Conquered just like that, face it, embrace it
Accelerate yea, spit and amaze me
Use every dotcom site and it still wouldn't generate me
Still funny how you think you're the illest MC
The most hardcore lyrics killing shitters like a cup of tea
But nontheless, I agree this is fun, even if your logics bareley "counts as one"
Can't you see? Keep it going but don't think you can flee, ill be back even if your shit is not my cup of tea


2012-06-11 19:50
Where's everyone at? Feels like everyones mad
Got dissed and now they're getting sad
Sittin' and thinking about what to write back
Thoughts are tickin' lips you're lickin' head starts itchin' brain is bitchin' words not fittin' beat aint kickin' and the tears starts drippin'
Giving up cause the thought of this making you sicken'
A metaphor for excuses and nervous behaviour to all of you bitches

2012-06-11 22:29
I've just got back from getting a nice medical course diploma
But with your intellect I bet you can't even get your own, huh?
I'm fuckin relieved that my studies have come to an end
but meeting you egg, I know where I you shall send
straight into the frying pan, an with the fat you will blend
and remember that a broken egg'll never mend!

You told me that I'd be itchin' lickin' n' bitchin'
But the ain't true, this is what's more likely to apply to you
I bet you ain't anything but a twitchin' snitch-n' a little bitch-n'
nothing but a pathetic excuse for for saliva spittin'

Fy fan vad jag är trött, men jag kände ändå att jag ville skriva något. :P
Jag har ätit pannkaka!

2012-06-11 22:48
How nice to open with and brag about a diploma
Then come to the internet and end up spelling like you're in a koma
That salvia you talkin' about have already made your intellect gone, huh?

Well im proud of you to atleast have a recite, comin here all hyped up on your feet
And in a few months you'll probably be livin' on the street,
maybe work at a grocery store literally in the back packin' beef

And then ill come and say
- hey this was neat, as im walking to the exit door, there you still standing proud on your feet

- thank you come again - would you like a recite?

And ill ask you,
- what for?
- Well, you obviously won this beef
- na im fine, but thanks for giving me you to eat

2012-06-11 23:58
Dissing my flawless grammatic's shit, I'm a scholar
while my boiled egg's nothing but a bitch in a collar
And take some advice, from a guy who knows how to spell and to write
and it's not spelled "recite", you little dike
it's spelled "receipt" din lilla skit

If you won this beef I'll take you from beyond the grave
and strangle you with my beard that I forgot to shave
And I do have some trouble with all this lag 'n' shit
but even when you land a punch I can't feel the hit
so take another friendly advice it's time for you to quit
Hell, I can even help you roll over to the ditch
Jag har ätit pannkaka!

2012-06-12 00:31
I spelled it wrong.. yea I'll give you that one - I have no problem to admit to my flaws
And yea maybe you can teach me in school but you wont school me on bars

Luckily, we're not here to take notes on the spelling, accuracy of words nor the level of grammars you bellend!
I'm freestyling I don't have time to double check, besides from you its all you rely on, thinking heck, what should I do to make this more tech

Having excuses for being bad while nervously scratching your neck, tweaking words and sentences thinking this line will hit 2 birds in 1 rhyme - check

If your scholarship was a toilet I'd just hit an upperdeck, give me a sec
won't even work if you flush it or brush it, your scholarship mean nothing i'm not bluffing!

You can bring up your diploma it doesn't matter, it just says you have the upperhand yet you can't step up to this level

2012-06-12 13:55
It seems like egg has been missing me, well bitch get of my ass stop kissing me
Did you really think I got mad or sad, bitch please reading your bars makes me glad sometimes they even make me feel bad, seeing how battling on this forum is the best time you've ever had.
You say you're not here to talk about grammar or spelling and shit like that, then why is your disses only about that you twat.
I have to admit, that milks bragging is a lot off pretentious bullshit, but atleast he stands on his own two feet, while you egg still eats breakfast from your moms two tits.
Just a fun fact I'm writing this diss while taking a shit, but now I'm gonna quit, cause my ass is all messy and I need to start wipeing it.

Ge en människa makt och han kommer försöka utnyttja den för egen vinning.

2012-06-12 14:40
No I haven't been missing you, I missed competition in this thread and you just don't have it in you
Why do you think that my bars is about you, you think you're that special?
Dude you don't have a clue do you?

And seriously stop making up shit, please quote me saying "this is about grammar you prick"
I've never said it, why do you mention it? How can you still keep spitting,
When all your bars is just filled with lies you really need a hitting

Just admit it, you might not be mad or sad but you're really bad and between us there's always gonna be a big tad
I'd rather be without your crappy lyrics like put you in detention or some deep pit
Every line from you is just some really cheap shit

You say you're not here to talk about grammar or spelling and shit like that, then why is your disses only about that you twat.

Like your ass your lyrics are just filled of bullshit, you find a word and you rhyme on it,
Even if it doesn't make sense you still roll with it, how old are you kid?

2012-06-12 15:08
I'm not the kind of guy
who's taking anothers side,
well not in a battle anyway
but you gotta get your mind straight
You can't put together two words like "big" and "tad"
it's like putting together "glad" and "sad"
and I told you before that you can't reach my education
'cause your words signification walks out-of-line like probation

After this murder I bet I won't have a shot at liberation
but when it comes to getting rid of a body, I know the proper equation
it's a bit played out, but grinding you to menced meat
makes it's easy for me to serve you as dinner, It'll be you I eat
and after the meal I just kick back and chill with a beat

See my flow is tight, and I just might
hook you up with a bum fight tonight
just so I can see you getting killed once again
by a poor son of a bitch, som inte ens har ett hem
but I won't let that hobo keep your wallet after the fight is done
I'm a greedy fuck, pleading "pops, can I have the cash or you want me to call the cops?"
Jag har ätit pannkaka!

2012-06-12 16:07
You're EXACTLY the kind of guy, sitting with a list and writing pointers
Tad also means "a degree of difference", so stop acting so brilliant and important
Sitting with an big education con-fucking-gratulations
No one cares so stop with your desire for attention
As I've already have mentioned, yet you keep bringing it up like you're some actionman
And its fun to see, that you say you're tight and then you switch the bars to swe
That just proves your weak, both as human and as emce
Cause lyrically you're nothing more than a small Tee
While im XXL sized, you got nothing on me, fifteen of you wouldn't amount to me
Even with your shitty degree, and I know you wont agree
Cause you're as ignorant as the aussie who influenced the Project X movie on TV

2012-06-12 19:39
Oh no what am I doing wrong, everything I write becomes as pathetic as the thong song, I best just say so long, and soon I'll be long gone.
Is that what you want to hear, well unlike the girls you try to spear, I wont run away when you come near, instead I'll slap you silly with my Willy right here.
I already told you I'm older then you, so just drop the underlining "you're immature"
Before I start talking about your mom that filthy whore,
I guess you mean I dont have a clue since not all my rhymes are about you, well you're just not enough to talk about and you know that its true.
Sitting on your high horses thinking you're some kind of Einstein, let's see how it feels when I cut of the horses knees, you wont land on your feet, even though you're acting like a bitch youre just a pussy not a feline
I guess that's the type of rhyme you won't get unless you rewind, but that's ok I'm sure you're used to working it from behind, I think I get why you think my rhymes are random and wack, its because you learned to speak English with the teacher on your back,
Relax, you will get the highest of grades, there ain't enough A's that takes it like you in the face.
Ge en människa makt och han kommer försöka utnyttja den för egen vinning.

2012-06-12 20:12
Yes I agree to everything you said, about your lines being pathetic anyway
It doesn't matter what you nor me say, cause both of us will never stop or pause
Just keep hitting play, until you crash and realize your mistake,
even then you'll just reboot and go forward the next day,
like you forgot everything that been said, delete the memory and look on it in a different way
Like the opinion you got of your lines being great, like when editing you're always looking at them second by second in one way
And for the others we see the whole deal once you hit play
In your mind you flow and rhyme in a specific motion even though your boat won't even follow the path in the ocean but yet you keep thinking
"this is going smooth like it covered in lotion"
Well then stop rapping in slow motion, drop the emotion you get
and understand that you're just a puppet playing fetch

2012-06-12 23:22
Im a fucking beast with my teeth in your flesh
Keep the shit neat and treat me with respect
Or else..
Maybe i sneak up on your shed
And place a lethal injection in your head, friend...
English isn't my best side..
But it's fair enough for you to just step by..
And if you ignore my warnings, that's your problem dawg
..But then your organs is in glass jars with higconcentrated alcohol

2012-06-14 00:16
Engelskan är inte din bästa sida?
testa att festa i 6 år och försök sen skriva som Khalifa
inte ens på svenska håller du publiken borta från att lipa
du är ap-ung men det duger inte -och jag håller med dom
du suger getpung för alla dina rader med gung är förskrivna son
Jag är min egna diva, orden är massiva, inte alls överdrivna
så virila att små mini-me's emcees poppar upp i publiken
-ser du inte vem du liknar
du & dina likar, jag ser hur bena ger vika
lika pinsamma som skrikande barn på caféet där man fikar

Jag är lite mer åt det hållet som får alla blickar
du är mer där nere i hålet man inte vill fall i
-som man skiter i och sen kikar

vem fan gav dig tangentbordet?
egg skriker "maaan ööver booord" när ohoh tar över rodret
mitt flow är hämtat ur floden där jag doppat skallen i
blivit hjärntvättad och full av myteri på ett beat stulet av Afasi
asså shiit, palla' shi, palla weed, jag pallar grannens vin
för min fristil på din fritid är mitt tidsfördriv
battler of the battlers, ingen sån där SKFisken-skit
battle eller ej men battle'ar du mig?
Simple, -that's it.. (du me' gayfish)

Hip-hop ain't dead, it's just deep underground

2012-06-14 13:20
Nothing I spit is pre-written, everything I drop is freestyle you shitter
Two out of two disses you've spitten you've giving me compliments,
Truthfuly you probably envy the contents
But you can't admit defeat so you lie, so take a seat cause only the killers survive
You dropped weed when you found out it didn't make you fly
You just sat there instead, watching deep into the sky
"whatsup with this shit bro? I'm not high im quite low"
And your friends who invited you to smoke tapped your shoulder looking at you,
"Damn you're really slow, you're not literally getting high didnt' you know?"
Without being rude, they understood you need a different of view
Ah yeah you said, without really having a clue
And arghh! Im a grown up man, I got money to pay for my own keyboard!
Yea believe that, I got cashlow even if though I got it for free yo!

2012-06-14 19:20
Mitt minne må kanske inte vara det bästa
du minns allt jag skriver, borde jag känna någon rädsla?
weed, piller, alkohol i för många år
som om jag skulle minnas vad jag skrev igår
kan inte lura mig själv, texten stannar här för att finnas så
tyvärr slutar du inte skriva när du inte kan skriva
-men du gör bara så gott du kan förmå

Du é inne på min profil på facebook och skriver
jag like'ar dina kommentar men kunde inte bry mig mindre
när jag inte dissar dig ballar du ur
skriker könsord till din enda vän Siri i din äppel-lur
även om jag driver sedan urminnes tider
toppar du inte mig, du floppar så ögonen svider
droppar nån ett beat o du spottar är det öronen som lider
mina stycken hade styckat några stycken
hade du varit min hund,dawg
-hade jag sparkat den jävla jycken
startat motorn bredvid, lagt i en växel
-och tänt på den jävla motorcykeln
mina rader, det är tryck i dem
dina damer snackar skit bakom din rygg
-menar att du är helt jävla efterbliven & skygg
Imponerande nog kan du ändå skriva här
och som om det inte var nog
är du noga med att bara upprepa dig när
alla andra gäspar, någon somna för att aldrig vakna igen
du skickar publiken rakt in i koma, läspar
-vem gillar det du skriver, vem?
snälla, säg någon, säg en?

Hip-hop ain't dead, it's just deep underground

2012-06-14 23:04
Hell yeah I stalk you at Facebook and whatnot
That's just cause your lyrics is so damn hot
When im sitting here reading it's so sick I feel ill, almost that im pleading the fifth cause I fear I'd get killed, barely can manage to look at the screen cause you're so damn skilled

But I reckon you know how this feel, cause it's in reverse you probably know the deal
If we was reborn on day one you'd probably be smart as a babyseal,
While on my first day I'd smack you with my new invention,
"attention everyone, I present the wheel" -smack- and hear nothing but a squeal

Maybe you'd be smart enough to bend a tree, chop it up with your head to represent the key
for evolving, "the helmet", while I'm already at golfin - dude, great problem solving
Hitting balls in your face and not in a weird way, you would probably give up and find a nice comfy place to stay, while im at the 70's with disco and hairspray

But someday, I'll say hello to you in the caves, saying --- "hey nice sleeingplace
Im amazed you made it this far, too bad your face still looks bizarre filled with scars"
And then flip your stones over on the way out with my sportscar and throw some phones on you just to have a great laugh

2012-06-15 19:24
Ett litet drägg med skabbigt skägg, luktar egg lika äckligt som mögelost pålägg.
I dont have to die, to go to heaven.

2012-06-17 02:32
Nu vare ju ett tag sen någon drog en fet rad
tur att Utter glider in och våldtar med ett vässat blad
"Första cutten" har vi hört, allas själar har berörts
Nu ska även allas mammor skäras sönder ostört
efter flera dagars fukk, I din mammas vattensäng
Men en mask som liknar Clockworkorange´s unga blattegäng
Fan nu snackar vi bäng, för vi snackar ju om er
Både Piero, Egg och ohoh borde lära sig att be
För utan tro eller lycka, har ni inte mycket kvar
Tur som fan att Utter rädda hela jväla scenen typ som Scar

"I am ten times the king Mufasa was!"
Säg Hej för fan

2012-06-17 02:33
"Holy Jesus Ballsack!"


Säg Hej för fan

2012-06-18 20:53
Suck suck suck, en till liten grabb som leker tuff tuff tuff
Du blir överkörd som tåget åker, en räls en rad du är förbi som tåget låter
Inte en chans inte ens en pust, jag kan knappt finna mina ord fan jag har inte lust
Men att battla utter är lika enkelt som att Eva käkar frukten
Och sedan lilla Eva lägger rutten fisen
Men du inte ens lika viktig som luften i den
Kontentan var också att du är mogen och så, men nu ska jag inte strö salt i dina sår utan som Gud så slår jag dig gul och blå, verbalt och framtiden behöver jag inte kunna spå
Att förstå att du blir utvisad och så och sen är ju Svenska också tråkigt att skriva på.

2012-06-19 00:14
Egg din löskokta djävul, lyssna
när du slutat skriva sprids en fullkomligt härlig tystnad
inga tangenter som smattrar, bara osynliga rader
inga små knatte-knattar som fuckar upp för att dem aldrig hade någon fader
jag måste tydligen dissa dig igen för du verkar inte fatta
att mina rader stryper dig så benen sprattlar
och lämnar övriga helt paffa
tabba' ur internet-fönstret malaka
tror du drar in en förmögenhet
-du är inte ens förmögen till att hiva in en enda guldtackla
jag leker mig fram även om detta inte är nån lek
jag sparkar dig i knävecket och smackar till dig med en jävla riddarborg-fackla
hårig jävel, hade kallat dig chewbacca men
bara backa för sen
är det för sent min vän när du ligger död i nån södergränd
...moutha fuckahh..!
klart att svenska är tråkigt för dig att skriva på
du klarar bevisligen inte av ditt eget språk
och engelskan har du tagit till en heeeelt annan nivå på eget bevåg
jag kommer in urspårat som ett segertåg
-och tänder påutt3r's armhåla och sänder han hela vägen hem till Piteå
Piero61892, har du tappar bort din synth och glas med piller i
syndare passerar dagligen men efter ditt inlägg borde du fan ta ditt liv
du saknar ord att skriva så tillåt mig att fylla i;
det syns att du inte är nöjd med ditt "allt"..
-din profilbild säger allt..

tråden dånar av bjällror och klang
ohoh dricker ur hemliga källor, slaktar iskallt och avslöjar sin talang
Nu kommer egg skriva;
ah mayne, that? -I could do it ma sleeiiip
men sanningen är att du är inte ens bättre än lil'wayne
-och du kommer för alltid att vara en vit gangsterdiva
ta bara trasan i munnen och bit
smärtan måste vara enorm så för all del skrik

ni hade alla dödat för att ha mig bland er sång
ni hade alla dött av lycka om ni fick det nån gång
så vem är nästa hen jag måste stycka för, i nästa rond?
egg viftar flitigt med handen i vädret men..
-alla vänder sig om..


Hip-hop ain't dead, it's just deep underground

2012-06-27 12:40
Yo homie, I'll wreck you in my sleep
I'm glowin' so hard I'll tech this while I eat
I'll sketch' you "like one of my french girls" while walking down the street
Then flamethrowin' the shit up cause it means nothing to me,
Just to show you this is an easy defeat
You think you're ontop of this but you're even lying below the seat
And you can if you want, take a peak above even scroll up in this thread to cheat
But for future notice, I'll take a leak on your head till you drown and drop dead - sweet
You go on with your lyrical length, as it somehow determinates your lyrical strength
It's like you go on with quantity instead of quality, producing tons of shit while living in a tent
Just get bent, you have zero percent of good content
You present your ideas and bars like "this is dope" but really it's just nonsense

2012-07-11 05:10
Hahah natthumor, här får du Egg

Killen ovanför mig, kallar sig för Egg
Tjugo1 år men har inte fått skägg
Egg är ett drägg, och har nu gått in i en vägg.

Skriv vad du vill, du kommer inte åt mig
Väggen är i vägen och jag bara skrattar åt dig
Det är klart att jag vinner denna rond
För jag har "license to kill" precis som James Bond
Jag är stora stygga vargen och jag är inte rädd
Och du är orolig som en kärring på sin dödsbäd
Du fick smaka kuk, av den bästa
Egg han är slut, ba skicka in nästa

Lever livet och det går bra


2012-07-11 19:54
fakk er fakk dom, en en text en rond
grabbar leker fula i k'ften ja bah pass på dom
msc som steppar, som herrar på täppan
svingar mikrofon ,knäcker käkar å läppar
ni är småsten jag boxas bland jättar
skiten den går ner som ja spola på toan
ni är bra exempel på fakups som droppa av skolan!
....jävla h"ra


2012-07-12 10:47

Jag tar vid där du började
ser att du svingar micken, för dom närmast sörjande
jag är gubbsjuk, du är inget lille vän
blir ihågkommen som han som ringde hem
grina och böla
i ladugården för att svina och föla
min skolgång var kolsvart, men det vände sen
jag hoppade inte av den, jag brände den
hörde lite om ditt liv, kan det stämma?
att du är 29 och fortfarande bor hemma

2012-07-12 15:19

Gubbsjuk? Är det därför du fick pensionär kuk som grabb?
Tittade på din profil, den var blank.
Du är lika okänd som en ande i dimman.
10 bars, men ingen riktig mening kom fram.
Dissar JXE, för han bor i sin mammas källare, när du flyttade ut igår.
Du vet att sanningen svider, när jag häller salt och whiskey på.
Varför skakar du, har du aldrig möt en rappandes demon.
Skär mig 666 gånger, så ni inte ska glömma vart jag kommer ifrån.
Du är för mjuk, kom tillbaka när du är hård och rå.
Dina tankar spinnar, och försöker hitta på.
Käft, samarbeta detta är ett karriär rån.
Simsalabim penetrerar ditt flank med 15 rim.
Denna användare har skrivit alla inlägg där användaren har tagits bort från whoa.

2012-07-12 18:34
Bolin, hah
vilken liten pojkspoling som bor hos morsan jämt
Snackar om natthumor när killen själv är lika rolig som ett tråkigt skämt
Att du skulle vara den bästa av oss är lika troligt som att lita på en dement
Väx upp och inse att du faktiskt är sämst, alla i världen förutom dig själv,
Ser dig som ett tjockt skämt som flämtar efter ha sprungit eller blivit skrämt
Går ut med att vara gangster men i smyg på kvällarna lyssnar på Kent
Och har jag nämnt att du var sämst?

Om jag glömde säga det så sa JXE samma sak och gick iväg som ingenting har hänt
Men killen är ju fett dum, sitter med micken långt upp i sitt rektum
När han hörde "du är vad du äter" blev han fundersam och fett stum
"Om jag fortsätter käka toalettpapper och dricka pissvatten, blir jag ett badrum?"
Du praktiskt taget sover där inne, badkaret är ditt vardagsrum
För att komma ut därifrån måste du ha ett medtaget visum

Hade inte längre tid att freestyla, har tider och passa hade gärnat nitat er alla
Men till macki och gubbsjuk får jag hälsa er att ligga mjukt,
se till att inte prata med någon annan då kanske den ena blir avundsjuk
Även om ni båda ser ut att ha haft flera år av tungt drogmissbruk
Det kanske inte är såååå jätte sunt att se ut som en cancersjuk,