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[audio] asma - eat a dick

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2009-02-04 19:09

[audio] asma - eat a dick

eat a dick

bitch, u aint nuthin to me
u so much of whore u suck dick in ya sleep
u only made it through school cause u sucked dick for degrees
and now u outta cock could someone put a dick in her please

ur like a dick eating disease - doing dick seizures
in a group of dick eaters and u the dick eating leader
in ya job app u put in suckin dick as a feature
uve been fed dick since ya birth u sucked dick as a fetus

and i know - this bitch is hollow
not even stephen hawkings could count the dicks she swallowed
she's taking multiple dicks and they fit if she wobbles
she aint drinkin water like us shes drinkin dick in a bottle

she might deny the fact that shes a sheisty ol' skank
in a click of mass dick gobblin bitches fightin for ranks
i never thought u could put this kinda game on one bitch
but she's so in love with cock she will name her son.. dick

everytime u thinkin about me - bitch eat a dick
everytime u wanna call me - eat a dick
everytime u feelin sorry - bitch eat a dick
sample - eat a dick

when it comes to dick, shes a head on soldier
givin so much head she's the reversed headless horsemen
shes for free! u dont need a lesser fortune
she could open up a business bringin head to doorsteps

-- this fucking bitch is prolly fit for sodomy
shes so in to cock she won dick at the lottery
shes prolly thinkin bout dick im not sure that she follows me
nevermind with her job she aint livin in poverty

she allways got her mouth open, she needs to ease up
and this rap sluts favourite rap song is deez nuts
never again is she comin south where the border goes
cause this fuckin whores whole mouth is a glory hole

stay silent är i slutskedet

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