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asma - damaged people

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2007-10-22 20:12

asma - damaged people

fick tag i beatet igår - satt & lyssnade ett tag och skrev utan någon speciell topic - bara penslade ner det som flöt ut liksom.
här är resultatet och jag hoppas att det gillas.

asma - damaged people
asma - damaged people
asma - damaged people
asma - damaged people
asma - damaged people


''i dreamed i was'' - that soul that went away
i used to wild out and u'd do anything keep me at bay
the only thing you wanted was to see shit straight
so you stayed - and i left u alone - in a sick way

i was ur dark days - but no doubt u where mine
i saw pain - u where the dark stain - eatin my mind
leavin me to blind to decide on my own fate
only to leave me behind - drowned in my own hate

soulmate? naah - u was moore than that
the horny cat that kept me back stored and stashed
with your glory hats u cut the crap and boring acts
rain soaked my soul at night in this stormy black - hole

the whole stacks - yo, made me wanna grabba gat-blow
u a new ass-hole or blast- old shrapnels on u skank hoes
but no, theres no way - becaaauuuse


''so if you'' - ever try to do me wrong ill air my chest
surely say my prayers cause im scared to death
the shadows inside turns an evil sneer to flesh
ill stare - crying cause you couldnt care for less

barely stressed im sorry, knowin death will follow
im next - im going down in the depths of hollows
the dark sea that swallows jest sees the part of me
i need to wash away for leavin apologies

and its hard to be a whole being when u fall apart
its hard to see the good things when u got a starving heart
im downin myself when im holdin on to my sobbin star
im goin psycho - i got ya name carved in my walls

and the hardest shit of it all - i get wicked at times
even though im not effected - im so sick of the lies
take a peek at me now - im just an anxious see-through
but i guess we all are just damaged people

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