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wilen - life is curse

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2006-12-07 15:48

wilen - life is curse

Yes, testade på engelska!

Rap, mix, text: Jag
Beat: Danish Prod


It's like, you know, the harder I try at something
The harder I fall on my face when I fail at it
And it's feels so fucked up I could just.... You know..

I'm livin' not knowin' what's to come and follow
I'm deep down in bottles, listenin' to sounds of sorrow
Are we suppose to laugh one month then cry for eleven?
That's why we drink, smoke, pop pills, just for a while in heaven
Tryna make sense in a world where people die for veangence
And we went so fast from a life of greatness to piles of hatred
And why is that? we wanna get up in the world, fly like a bird
But without eachother we're stuck on this earth
I ain't sayin' that I'm better myself, shit, I'm probably worse
So how does it work, what is it worth? friendships ends then
We just wanna cry till we burst, screamin' why does it hurt?
And people wonder why we love gettin' high on the herb
That's the only way to find what we search
I'm tryin' with words, but I'm goin' deeper down in the dirt
and life ain't joy mayn, life is a curse

reff x2
See this life is a curse
And we're just tryin' not to make it even worse
But it ain't easy, see cause

I'm tryna find peace and the meaning of existence
Cus right now it feels just to breath every minute
Life is a lesson huh? they be sayin' this is a mission
Well, fuck all of that cus my teacher is missin
And I can't make it on my own, I'm sorry I'm not strong enough
I long for love and that's something I don't wanna go on without
And if that's the case I should be headin' straight
For what is in my heart, but my head, it aches
And my stomach is hurtin' from all this stress and pain
I can't help it mayn, I can't seem to get a quite moment
life is pointless, seems like I've been sent to hell and I'm allways
Close to be throwin' a fit, and when I do I never know what I did
That's what happens when your potion is smokin this spliff
And whatever they told you, fuck what you heard
Casue life is a curse...