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[Video] Flame - Paradise (Official video)

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2011-01-21 13:08

[Video] Flame - Paradise (Official video)

Paradise is the first single from Flame's up coming Mix-tape The Underdog (PRE LEAK) The track is about going from rock bottom to a state of mind where your happy with yourself and doing what you love the most. No matter what obstacles you may face in life the simplest things could be the way out

the idea behind the video was to combine the lyrics and the powerful message of the track into something we see in front of us daily,
Though some of us choose to close our eyes and ears when others talk about struggle
the problem with poverty and drug abuse grows bigger then you could imagine.
But the goal was not to focus on the problem per-say but more on the message on
how you can find the simplest things is life to be your solution, your way out, your paradise.

And yes there are so many other issues that people struggle with all over the world
but the two characters in the video symbolized Flame's own struggle in many different ways

Flame produced the track and the video is made by Blue Milk Media.