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(Video) RBTV premiär: Cleo - "Unusual Creates Confusion" - Musikvideo!

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2010-01-20 19:16

(Video) RBTV premiär: Cleo - "Unusual Creates Confusion" - Musikvideo!

Saxat från www.randombastards.tv:

It's 2010 and RBTV is back on track! First up is an exclusive, freshly baked music video from our long time friend Nathalie a.k.a. Cleo. "Unusual Creates Confusion" is wrapped up by UÅ director Jakob Arevärn and Marc T-t-tare Lugnt. This episode also features a shout from radio queen Ametist, filmed by Swedish rap veteran and MTV host Eye-N-I. The single, produced by LIAH, is released today through SwingKids and will be up on iTunes and Spotify shortly, but as a treat for you it's up for grabs today at http://www.ametistazordegan.com.

Follow Cleo at www.facebook.com/group.php?gid=12442684359 and book Cleo to your venue via [email protected]!


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Shot August 2009 in Umeå, Sweden.
Directed and edited by Jakob Arevärn.
Stage design by Marc Strömberg.
Light design by Anders Gustafsson.


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