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Just to Get by

Övrigt - Vardagsfilosofi


2005-01-09 23:50

Just to Get by

Humming to the sound of <<Talib Kweli>> duplicating <<Nina Simone>> thinking it’s his creativity…his fingers dug the dirt for golden quality.
Seems like simplicity is dying out as we are trying too hard to be particular, unusual and above special.
In result nothing comes out, nothing is honest and unquestionably nothing original.
The problems, the verve, the eras are not that different. On and on the thought have stroked that perhaps, we have lost our depth. Now considering the alternative that depth is there, but our minds are clogged in political stupidity.
forgetting to count the beats in our instrumental reality. As Talib does wonders in having Nina’s fingers lick the background beat box piano, we listen and nod our neck bones as he slowly jabs air into the veins of unique artistic originality.
Embrace the golden rays of designed contemporary newity and apply for Green Cards to Gloryterritory.

All I wanna give you is a little bit of lovely...