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Gentleman & the Far East Band - Swe concerts

Övrig musik - Reggae & Dancehall


2008-03-09 19:43

Gentleman & the Far East Band - Swe concerts

Gentleman har gjort succékonserter i Sverige förr, senast i april-06 med en utsåld konsert i Stockholm.
Nu äntligen tillbaka med TVÅ nya konserter i Sverige!

7 april 2008  STOCKHOLM @ Berns

8 april 2008  NORRKÖPING @ Otten

Samtidigt vill jag passa på att tacka för tålamodet från alla Er som behållit biljetterna från konserten (Berns) i nov-07 som fick flyttas när Gentleman fick halsinfektion.
Big Up!

Eftersom Berns räknar med utsålt har vi redan nu säkrat en andra konsert, utanför Stockholm så att fler kan få möjlighet.
Biljetter säljs på Ticnet. Mer detaljinfo om biljettpris m.m kommer i veckan.

Gentleman har varit på USA-turné i februari och påbörjar en ny Europaturné i april där Sverige denna gång blir första giggen.

His latest album “Another Intensity” sees Gentleman having arrived at another level. His music and his charismatic live appearances have affected audiences throughout the world. “Another Intensity” will be released in sixteen countries including the UK, USA, and Japan. In a sense, the two-and-a-half years that Gentleman has spent on tour with “Confidence” have yielded richest fruits. “Then it was time for a new album. I didn’t agree with anything, didn’t know where I was heading. I felt no inspiration whatsoever, I was worn out. So at first I took three months off, hoping that the hunger, the passion would come back. Then I flew to Jamaica, looking for that inner drive to make music, such as I had felt it during the recording of ‘Confidence’ ”.

It is to be expected that “Another Intensity” will draw even bigger circles than its predecessor. During his “Confidence” tour, Gentleman already had some spectacular live appearances, be it outside the city gates of Casablanca, in front of thousands of Muslims, or in Surinam, the smallest state in South America. After the release of “Another Intensity”in 2007 a major tour through Germany took place. 2008 have already seen a U.S tour and in April the new European tour starts to promote the new album, the first shows are in Sweden. “Then, in late 2008 or early 2009, I will finally be able to relax completely, maybe take a boating certificate and then slowly prepare for a new album. With a different calmness about me.” Inner tranquility and certitude should not be too difficult for Gentleman to obtain. After all, his own songs, words of wisdom and perception rendered with his distinctive, smooth, and guttural voice, are the best imaginable guideline.