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2012-03-24 03:30

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RZA - "And the RZA, he the sharpest motherfucker inte whole clan, he always on point. Razor sharp - with the beats, with the rhymes whatever"

GZA - "And the GZA, the Genius is just the Genius. He´s the backbone of the whole joint. He the head, let´s put it that way. We form like Voltron and the GZA happen to be the head"

Ghostface - "Ghostface Killah knowumsayin`, he on some now you se me now you don´t."

Raekwon - " Raekwon... he the Chef, he cookin´up some marvelous shit, to get your mouth waterin´on some "Oh Shit!" "

Meth - "Then it´s the Method Man - It´s like mad different methods to the way I do my shit. Basically, Method Man is like "Roll that shit, light that shit, smoke it". Nah-Mean?"

Mastah killa - Han är den sista meddlem i Wu tang därför snackar dom inte om honom på 36 chambers, men i RZA boken om Wu förklarar han att han är den bästa studenten som finns, för han satte ner hella sin själ i musiken och saningen.

Inspectah deck - "Inspectah Deck he´s like that dude that´ll sit back and watch you play yourself and all that, right? And see you sit there, and know you lying, and he´ll take you to court after that - `couse he the Inspector."

U-god - "And the Baby Huey - he a psychopathic thinker .... "

ODB - "... And the we got the Old Dirty Bastard, couse there ain´t no father to his style. That´s why he the Old Dirty Bastard"