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Användaren är inte inloggad sherissa F30

Från Stockholm / Stockholms län / Sweden
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2011-04-06 00:35
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Sherissa is singer/songwriter from Stockholm, Sweden. She started to sing at the tender age of 13; mostly RnB and Soul cover songs from her favorite musicians. With the smoothness of her voice and her ability to command a song so powerfully, her school teachers saw a huge potential in her so much that they encouraged her to pursue a singing career. This helped her notice that music was something for her. Sherissa continued to perform through her teen and can often be seen in various events. .
She is one of many singers influenced by India Arie, in fact she learnt to play guitar like her idol. She has worked with rising Swedish hip hop and reggae stars since her teen as a lead female vocal
Sherissa learned to write her own songs from a younger age and most of her songs are about love, according to her "Love is the reason we live" . One of sherissa's main goal is to be one of the best female Singers of her generation; just as she did watching those she idolized growing up as a child.