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Användaren är inte inloggad MonZii P29

Från Märsta / Stockholms län / Sweden
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2008-11-05 00:22
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Monzi has been putting it down for quite a while,
started with the music in 2003
but then just as a songwriter and rapper.
Practicly selflearned it wasn't that easy, but with a great will,
talent and hard work, he learned to compose and produce music.
As the progress begun, he and a friend/singer Bewar started a band called TLS out in a suburb of Stockholm.
Monzi where the producer and rapper in the band, and later an artist named Moses joined them.
Several songs where made and the crowd really started to like them.
Events where set up and spread music from the north to the south of Stockholm.

As the time moved on his beats developed a lot.
He has also produced a several tracks for artists in european hiphop and rnb.
There is still more to come from TLS, and a several other projects is on the move.

The music got a touch of a classic, melodic sound.
Monzi prefer not to sample, but compose everything himself to get more control over the sound.
It's a fresh hiphop sound with a taste of rnb and some oriental flavours.
He gets inspiration from all kinds of music but mostly from other producers such as
Ryan Leslie, Mysto&Pizzi, Timbaland, Dr.Dre and Scott Storch.
Trying to develop his mastering and keyboard abilities, he's own clean,
high classed sound will catch you!

+ Projects: TLS, Buckle Up

Want to buy beats? Contact me here or send me a demo song to...
+ Mail: [email protected]

For more info: