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Pigeon – Can't turn my flame into smoke

Vår Hiphop - Lyricism


2014-01-03 00:50

Pigeon – Can't turn my flame into smoke

Tävling om vem som skriver sista texten på whoa? haha :)

Skriven till Aisle of Illusion-beatet från Sherlock – Made to Measure som nyligen släpptes här på Whoa.

Vers 1:
Im feelin closed in, nothing I ever was willing to cope with,
feelin lonely, insignificant and souless
staring at this blank canvas, wishing I could approach it
with something worthy every minute I'm thinkin I loath it
stuck in these damn patterns, everything is rigid like stone bricks
zoned in, now Im learning what a sting of a rose is
I've given my all, but you were bitter and stole it
Hopeless, looking down the biggest wishin well boasted
realising it was nothing but a dried pit of approaches
Images of dividens clouded my intuition and focus
shit, why didn't I listen to the voices?
when they told me I was walking into a swarm of a million locusts
should have walked away after every incident that I noted,
but I guess I was waiting to see a little bit of atonement
now I'm sittin inside these four walls, blistered and broken
time for my last meal, this idiot kitchen is closing

"Four walls surround me" x 4

Vers 2:
Listen, I won't ever let you turn my flame into smoke
this chin of steel can withstand the pain of your blows
Im done with this, I've packed, my cases are closed
I'm gonna wade through the snow, don't wanna stay in the cold
this is ridiculous, sick of this, I was made to be whole
this is my life, now I'm here reclaiming the throne
it's high time I make it my own, elevate on my own
tip my hat and with that go on my merry way to my goals
positive and taking control, blatantly abrasive and bold
in this make or break it moment, carefully playing my role
cuz I can't take it no mo' with this assailants m.o.
berating with no remorse, setting a cain and able tone
saying it's ok because of the name on your clothes
is only validating a salivating haze of control
but only creating desperation, that'll stay in your soul
Like I said, I won't let you turn my flame into smoke

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