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Låt till Skylar Grey..

Vår Hiphop - Lyricism


2013-12-29 20:03

Låt till Skylar Grey..

Vet inte vad mer man kan säga än rubriken, hon svarar inte på mina tweets så kanske en låt skulle göra det bättre!

So... I will fucking welcome you Skylar to my atmosphere
Excuse me for my accent, here I'm walking through a fire
Just so we could've a little chat but yeah
I'm assuming you're busy but I shouldn't fear to keep on walking
Cause I know the walking led me here
I got stronger legs although I've to fake these tears
Because now I'm driving in this wheelchair instead in Sweden
in a village where I lost my privilege to be living
like an normal kid with feelings but why should you care?
You might just get drunk on your Corona, your favorite beer
And I wouldn't claim shit about how I'm invisible,
Because you can see me while you run me over with your bicycle
It's fantastic that I finally got your attention now
In this chronicle I'm telling you, through this music
You should read the lyrics, use a monocle
See, I'm always serious, life has never been a carnival
People say I'm almost sane but they're good at cracking jokes
Speed this up, crushing all your drums like falling rocks
Year 2008 I began to spit and got my hip operated with my Hop
Back then I got a shrink and then I got a doc,
Dre can prove them wrong by saying; I'm almost done
But even if he did, no one could ever lift a finger for everytime I stopped
Fuck the distance, I gotta keep on walking
At the same time I would sacrifice my dinner to feed my obsession
I'm the only one that teached me these lessons
I tied my laces, I put my both feet on the ground,
Eyes on my goal, feeling like a monster when I progresses
Too a higher level, ain't got no time for feeling anxious
Sky is not the limit, I'm supposed to levitate and fly up in a spaceship
So if I would rather die, I would have to go down to get to heaven
Cause they keep telling me that I never gonna make it
Well, I'm out off options, so it's either do or die
There's nothing in the middle, it takes more to put me out
off misery, they could take the use of all their knifes
Drag revolver from their waist, shot my head and blow the pipe
My friends can't understand me, guess I've a different mind
With my massive dreams which not realistic in their eyes
I'm looking at my past and in the future I see light
I'm counting down, 1, 2, 3 and then The Razzle says goodbye.

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