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Searching for strenght

Vår Hiphop - Lyricism


2013-10-28 17:46

Searching for strenght

Skriver väldigt sällan och detta är min första engelska text, så är säkert en del stavfel osv :( Men vill utvecklas inom skrivandet så konstruktiv kritik uppskattas!

I wanna thank you brother for being the best friend I ever had
cuz when I got the diagnoze back then, it all felt pretty bad
but you kinda got me through it with your smiles and laughs
and no matter what you always had my back
It's hard to live with all this shit that fucks me up
but you taught me to be tough even when times got rough
and even all those days I feel like I've had enough
you remind me that I gotta fight it and just get back up
I've been thru alot now and I'm only twenty
when I look back I know that my struggles were plenty
I've been forced to deal with things even thoe I wasn't ready
at times I was taking heavy drugs that was dangerous and deadly
smoking taking pills sniffin and mixin it with drinkin
and kept on tellin myself that it was livin
but I was dead in the inside just like my feelings
most of the time I don't even feel like a human being
the doctors told me that it was depression
so I guess now that somehow this is my confession
and I guess I should take it as a life lesson
but no words in this world could answer my questions
I've got tons of anger building up inside and it's about to blow
but I've never told no one and I'll never show
I'm sick of these dark thoughts and twisted thinkin
and I feel like all my relation-ships are sinking
but I'm gonna get thru this, gonna take my time
learn to live with it, leave my regrets behind
I'm gonna move on one day, and let it all go
I've got to find the motivation deep in my heart
and the strenght lost in my soul