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Nått jag skrev ikväll :)

Vår Hiphop - Lyricism


2013-04-28 01:29

Nått jag skrev ikväll :)

Perhaps it's the big words, you need to burst your bubble
It's only trouble trying to decypher when your mind's in rubble
I have real respect for the real intellect, with a cause to affect
What's been for so long prolonged by bars of neglect
Intercept what is slept to reach equality like equinox
Try to stay true- But truth is often expressed in paradox
Accept those who seek to expand knowledge and intelligence
Better men who make amends in turn to reach exellence
However when I commence, seems I don't make any sense
When it's truly all pretty simple and relevant, you create irrelevance
Taken as a foreign to this forum room where I'm the elephant
Seems like I boil the pot, hot, it clearly evident
Preach my testament, not a preacher - but a revenant
Although Hip Hop didn't die, I bring the sediment of the elements
Eardrums and brain spasm, leave stacks of ectoplasm
I rap eloquent with passion like any true craftsman
Sights blacken when I experiment with abstraction
Methodist of hacking and slashing minds of the absent
Malevolent rhyme casting, magi, mana - everlasting
Blasting like troopers when I storm and take commanding
Role as eminent and withstanding, developement unpacking
Devoted to examine the forever expanding
Expressionism of high ranking, exquisite in extracting
The genesis of HER - the geneticist of rapping

The force is strong with this one.

2013-04-29 03:08
Shit vilken jävla tung text du skrivit!

2013-04-29 23:59
knastergodis skrev:
Shit vilken jävla tung text du skrivit!

Tackar, tackar! Uppskattas :)
Började som en text till battleforumet men övergick till en mer lyrisk text, glad you liked it!
The force is strong with this one.