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Soul - Doctor/Patient Observations

Vår Hiphop - Lyricism


2013-02-13 00:07

Soul - Doctor/Patient Observations

- "Please Mr... Erm... Soul? Sit down, relax. Our time starts..."

- "Before we begin I...

have a lot to say in the hope that this is doctor/patient 
In these modern days I find it difficult to drink with moderation
Livin in a modern nation where the well being of the stock exchange 
matters more than the wellbeing of the population
Who scrambles for pockets change proudly gained from an unsatisfactory occupation 
mopping stations or swabbin basements, whatever job is payin
It's all Gucci Gucci Prada Prada productplacement, 
the scoreline of the Rockets game or which broads the latest pop sensation 
Pop culture plot summations, count of costume changes Tom and Kate did 
as they presented the nominations at the Oscars taping
The news is extra extra! shocking! breaking! If not they make'em up,
anything else would result in a drop in ratings 
It's like that's become the motto lately, girls small as babies
going gaga crazy wanting audementations
to modulate their bodyshape and people blame secret societies
and undercover operations to excuse their odd behavior 
truth is, everybody wants to be a jock or player, live the life, do shots of jaeger
rather than studying rock formations off the Asian coast, you see,
I totally get the preoccupation with getting fucked up worse than Rockys face was
when he called for Adrian,
getting your knobslobbed and laid but what would you rather be doing when your body's ageing,
walking dogs for payment or designing rocket stations?
unclogging drains or studying Rothko paintings?
Say like a boss or maybe be own boss and make your
Own decisions instead of bonehead wishes on airplanes like Bobby Ray did?
Sick to my stomach with the doppelgangers,
the turncoats, views oscilate as the topic changes
More imitation than comics makin cosby faces
I mean, these tweens so dumb they even botched the aids test 
but study the goddamn a-list where nobody's aging 
and kids copy paste it so it's commonplace
To wear lotsa make-up while you're potty training 
our daughters tripping, swept off their feet by hockeyplayers, 
copulating when they're not of age and givin sloppy brains 
while intoxicated and tossed away like hot potatoes
No chocolate cake and watch your weight and wash your face
with toxic waste so those spots will fade and you'll be hot again
And you ougtha stay with a pot and apron clocking your ovulations 
If you want someone to rock your finger with a ring that ain't copperplated
Then you start the toddler making machine, them the dreams you got now ain't it? 
If not then tough, it's your job, a job with a lotta coffee breaks
And dude's are so cocky it's nauseating,
regarding every remark or statement as a provocation 
Lookin ostentatious in croc & snake skin,
rocawayin like they're on some doctor dre shit 
Which is nothing but a modern take on the macarena 
a dance brought to popularity by lots of gay men
Obvious indicators were spawned from apes, not the A-man
only the dominant traits weren't soley propagated as darwin explained
Our existance in this genealogical play pen
Kant thought that faith in a god or savior was necassery 
to establish a praxis or practice for moral, a practical postulation
Which is cockamamie, but hey, you can't be president of the states
when the spot is vacant if you haven't recognized the existance of god and satan
My logic fails me... If the most accomplished athiest
was to top the race would congress be like "whoa... stop there, pagan,
according to your dossier you've quote unqoute 'lost' your faith, that's not okay man...
We know you wanna do a lot of great things, stop invasions, topple racism,
offer proper aid to everyone in this sovereign nation,
uncover the obfuscated and it's not like that's not amazing,
just not quite enough to get you inaugurated"
It's discombobulating, inoculate yourself against the indoctrination 
forced upon us by the cops and statesmen, the Honest Abes and Ronald Reagans, even men of the cloth are agents 
My thoughts are racing, but these aren't truths just aproximations
oddly based on my observations of life on the block I'm raised on
Block the pain, friend... til our paths cross again, 
know that I got you, for such is my obligation.

- "But, Mr Soul. We're just a couple minutes into our session?"

- "I feel better, though. Thanks Doc."

La upp "skelettet" av den här texten för ett tag sen.
Tänkte dela med mig av den färdiga produkten också.

Don't be a stranger.


life is still a bitch....
but sometimes to unwind she lets me feel her tits.

2013-02-26 10:12

You down with U-P-P?

Yeah you know me.
life is still a bitch....
but sometimes to unwind she lets me feel her tits.

2013-03-01 10:43
fett hur du rimmade på 'doctor/patient' genom hela texten. bra "storytelling" rakt igenom, det enda någorlunda negativa jag kan komma på är avsaknaden av wordplay och andra lite mer tekniska bitar som skulle finslipat texten ännu mer om det hade gjorts smoothly utan att förstöra själva "tråden" i storyn(kan ha missat något nu första läsningen också). men det är bara en bonusgrej.

fett som vanligt! hade varit riktigt fett att höra detta på beat
Denna användare har skrivit alla inlägg där användaren har tagits bort från whoa.

2013-03-02 17:19

Tack. Kul att du gillade den. Finns lite wordplay. Inte det lättaste att hitta då alla kanske inte lyssnar på Doppelgangers. Vad var det för andra tekniska aspekter du tänkte på?

Inspelning kanske finns i framtiden. Who knows. ;-)

Tack för kommentaren!
life is still a bitch....
but sometimes to unwind she lets me feel her tits.

2013-03-30 13:48
Last shot.
life is still a bitch....
but sometimes to unwind she lets me feel her tits.

2013-03-30 15:40
läste igenom den bättre nu för att inte låta dum och kritisera avsaknaden av saker jag själv inte lagt märke till haha. blev ännu bättre under andra läsningen, men som sagt skulle jag vilja höra dina texter inspelade också, det börjar bli dags snart!
Denna användare har skrivit alla inlägg där användaren har tagits bort från whoa.

2013-04-16 23:45

Kul att du ville komma tillbaka.
Var det nåt du tyckte stod ut under andra läsningen?

Ska faktiskt försöka mig på att spela in något snart. Typ inom två år eller vad som nu räknas som snart i min värld. ;-)

Hittade du nåt wordplay, och vad var det för andra "tekniska bitar" du menade?

life is still a bitch....
but sometimes to unwind she lets me feel her tits.