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Snurre - Unamed and unfamous lyrics 02

Vår Hiphop - Lyricism


2013-01-15 13:21

Snurre - Unamed and unfamous lyrics 02

Precis börjat skriva lite och behöver nya ögon och kritik och tips... Skulle uppskattas, peace!

Tar ett beat från premier så blir lite enklare att förstå,
om guru levt....

http://open.spotify.com/track/5tZ7fk5z7pgRnNhFC3SiTn (Denna! Lätt och slow flow...)

I truly wish they would...
I swear I would if I could!

This is I and I, which u should've known by now
if u would've been down with this team and sound,
now that's profound!

We be breaking new ground,
in this era of profound underground sound
At the same time the era of the false prophets who process lies!
Yet you all gather around like high fucking flies
But I, I listen to no lies,
help others around to be and see as me,
in my mind I'm completely free.
We can only be wise if free and free if wise, fuck me christ!
Like begging to something higher like those "successful" examples who dwell above,
in their private sea feeling so fucking "free"
that right there dont even make u abit free to climb ur own tree
Free which means to grow like a tree.
It doesn't always have to be about owning all the worlds sea!
let me plant in ur brain this little seed
roots are just as vital in order to be freed!
you see? And if no? then bye!
All I do is try to pacify while I and I hardly get by (Pacify = To pacify is to restore calm to or establish peace)
Please dont scream nor cry

Hiphop and Reggae helped me to survive right here
and also to be who you see and hear right here
That's something that I need you to learn and cheer for real
Is that clear? Fo'real, alright.. Then I and I got nothing to fear from it
Let's seal it and begin to heal with'it...
There can be no greed within' it
No sin to begin' with,
That's correct, ini't? (Brittisk eng sista ordet)

Ye, that's correct, to keep it real is the deal that we all sealed
Sisters and Brothers,
You Know, I and Is from different Mothers


Hiphop or radio pop?
Let's put it like this
How about if I pop the wannabe "pop" (dad) that controlls the radio pop, make it all stop, pop, pop, pop ((saying it too)the first and last three like gun firing)
And now for all those addicted to capitalism and shops... (Another voice) - Now stop it, they aint ready yet pops! (pops as in dad)
(Me)- Ok, but stay safe, away from breaking into safes and getting arrested by cops!
But they ain't all bad, gotta give em' some props! (props = cred, berömma)
Even tho Im tired of them playing everyones dad,
when they really there on mission for the goverment,
that just makes me sad and feel bad
To protect and serve was the promise given by the goverment, then why was the military sent?!
Send Clark Kent

I wanna keep it real, but gotta' borrow a great line from B-real, you know him from Cypress Hill, now I promise this is real ill

And the line goes like

I'm tired of dem, tired of me, tired of being tired
Fuck it, you know what? You're all fired!

That's all I had on my mind for today but search and you shall find!

Peace to everybody

Especially my family, friends and all them dead bodies!

Lyrics unnamed and unfamous number 02.

2013-01-15 23:04
Aldrig någon som använder denna forumdel? ...

2013-01-15 23:09
Får väll posta nästa också då som jag skrev idag... Mixat eng och svenska i denna... se vad ni tycker?

Schysst beat till den: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=r_7BexH6w7o

(Chours or just dropping knowledge and inspiration)
Vad skulle folk småprata om under dagarna om de inte hade deras käre nya bibel,
mainstream media, crazy, insane, frenzy feeding... You leaving?!

Ska sluta nu!

Bara att det flödar per automatik when this shit peaks!
Och vad får er då att tro,
att jag skulle bry eller bero,
beroende på er skeva mainstream kritik?

De kommer alltid se på mig som något konstigt och skevt,
ett trollande freak but I'm truly not the one u seek!

ett tungt beat som inspiration, det och lite meat and alot of heat,
Det är allt som krävs to greet the downfall of this konspiration and korruption,
som att skjuta en kalkon...

Glöm ammunition,
vi behöver inte det om vi istället, tömmer våra sinnen på frustration...
Och fyller dem med passion och inspiration...
Vi behöver rensa varje institution från desperation,
och sedan vänta på att de ska konfirmera, att ingen snea,
under denna "konfirmation"!

(Chours or just dropping knowledge and inspiration)
And I ain't talking about Jesus or any other "higher" existence, it's about us!
Hell, we're all "Gods" if we must,
In that you can truly trust!

We control good and evil,
we let them trick our women to think, "Them women in the magazine sure are broads"!
We control this world on evil and good,
but in our lair I'm sure to sniff out a fraud, thank "God"!

We do as we please.
And yet we pray and look up above as if a giant man is gonna drop this huge bag, that we can all share!
Filled with cloths, food, shelter and a slice of that heavnly healthcare that we all really should have!

Please make it stop before my brain goes pop, u wannabe G
And there ain't no gettin' 'round that fact, that's a fact!
True that!

Every single one of us, has a birthgiven right... Which is ALL human rights!
And if you wanna hear my version of those versions and rights,
you're gonna have to stick around!
Because what goes around comes around!

...and all of that, snap! Oh fuck, I went out with that fucking crap...

I be out of here, so now you can come out from wherever you are, there, here, everywhere! Salut!

Så var denna saga slut......

(Chours or just dropping knowledge and inspiration)
Lyrics unnamed and unfamous number 03.

Written by: Snurre 2013-01-15