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Smell of whiskey - "Dikt"

Vår Hiphop - Lyricism


2012-10-24 14:58

Smell of whiskey - "Dikt"

I heard the blackbirds song, sooo long gone.
In the light when the sun is comming up in the dawn.
Where is the moon now, like to hide in the dark.
Lookin at ppl when they searchin for a home in the park.
So much suffer, so much pain everywhere.
Can feel the smell of fear blowin through the air.
A mellow savor of whiskey mix with the breeze.
I want to go home, God help me please.
I need to find my way, back again.
Walk in a shadow of ten thousand days of pain.
The liquor just do a relieve to my brain.
If I get help Im gonna start to belive.
In everybody, especially me..

/- K.Leandersson

U all will look up to me n' pray.
Cause' I gonna burn God's book.
N' reborn u all on ONE singel day!.