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WorldClass - Devilish Thesis

Vår Hiphop - Lyricism


2012-08-06 11:41

WorldClass - Devilish Thesis

Lite mörker såhär på sommaren..

i got out from the crypt and stones
removed the cross of blood and wood
stone cold i sold your soul
to the devil to get a throne of gold
hold the crown high and bold
and whispers of secrets has been told
so i become the odd master of the show
while flying above wit the crows
in the clouds in the sky i saw God
im not old or slow but i had to bow
for the man in the crypt below
unfold the plot to make heaven our home
i took a ray of the sun
and pointed it att God as as a gun
pulled the trigger and shot im down
while fallin to the earth's ground
"why oh why, you where my only son?"
its just a devil thesis
to come back and kill god as jesus...

Kritik emottas tacksamt..


2012-08-07 11:10
Dapz - Like Me (Offical Video)
Denna användare har skrivit alla inlägg där användaren har tagits bort från whoa.

2012-08-07 13:08