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2B - knockin' on my door

Vår Hiphop - Lyricism


2012-06-03 20:58

2B - knockin' on my door

Hey death i've bin waiting for you
 what took you so long
did you stop at a restroom?
oh that's why you're so late
How are you by the way? 
I haven't seen you since my cat past away
I think that was some years ago in may
But who's turn is it next? 
O my turn?
No i didn't get your text
So how im gonna die? 
Are you gonna make me burn?
Or are you gonna make me cross that line? 
I hope i die from weed and wine,
Cus thats the only good things in life
that and my future wife
But death i think you need to think twice
cus i really wanna live evryday like it was the last
but i keep thinkin back to the past
so what should i do? 
I have no one to lean back to, but you.
Im so screwed 

Säg vad du vill den är inte klar än och jag är inte den bästa med engelskan så rätta gärna mina fel! :)