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"Regrets - Thinking when its too late.."

Vår Hiphop - Lyricism


2012-05-05 00:25

"Regrets - Thinking when its too late.."

Once in a life time you will fint the real love.
Get stuck in your mine, she your white dove.
Treat her right, treat her nice, dont mess up.
Dont make an scen or a fight, love her like your pup'.
Never make tiny things to oversize.
Look her in the eyes, cause she apart of your life!
Dont be too much jealous, it can break it all.
Remember she loves you, not the others on the wall.
Hold her hand, kiss her, tell her that she looks good.
If we could revers the time.. I would.. tell her that shes looking good!

We all have been there... I think..

U all will look up to me n' pray.
Cause' I gonna burn God's book.
N' reborn u all on ONE singel day!.