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Envied - Bored Lyric (One Verse)

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2011-10-18 15:28

Envied - Bored Lyric (One Verse)

Emil, stop callin' out these fags
Brags, stop raping all these cats
These dogs, alchohol, womans
Boobs, quit licking the frogs
Eating bugs, don't act like an thug
Get back home
Show some love, bring em' hugs
Take off those google's
You ain't looking smart
Rip of the poster's of Jay-z on the wall
Jay's sick of being hited by the darts
You're breaking those hoe's hearts
Everytime you break them apart
Two week's later you're done
Another relation you have already start
Hey Envy, better get of that rhyme
Cause critics may hit you anytime...
Okey it's fine, me being just myself
The awkward dude with special help
Don't give a shit about my health
Cause I know what the fuck I'm wealth
Seriously, you can't drop these records
MTV awards
Won't even give you one
Of their 10 dollars present cards
So stop acting like a damn retard
Envied is the man you truely are
Well, AM I??

-Lyric Made Of Envied.

Girl's are done hurting me, I'm done hurting em', Simple as that